Philippines: Mutual Aid Action to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

via Etniko Bandido Infoshop

Philippines are now on it’s two months of Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown). And, yet some local government unit extended it till May 30 but we expect that it will be extend it further because until now we didn’t experience mass testing in different communities.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authoritarian Duterte regime treats the current crisis like it is in a war and deploys police and military in checkpoints instead of strengthening the health and medical needs of the people. It is true that in this lockdown, people have been suffering, especially the urban poor and the marginalized sectors. The
government is not really prepared on how to handle the health crisis. Instead of helping and supporting the people who have lost their jobs, the government instead puts more of their effort into controlling the movements of people without clear plans on how the people will live. For example, the government’s financial assistance has been delayed and some people are going out into the streets begging for food.

We see how disastrous this pandemic are and the government are unreliable, incompetent, create a lot of confusion and distress. We cannot absolutely rely on the Philippine government, so we decided to act according to our needs.

To give you an update for some local Mutual Aid initiatives in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic here. Please check some of the short videos that we produce.





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