Brazil: Doxxing Attack Against the Leader of the Right-Wing PRB Party by NOS

Received and translated on 18.05.2020:

Adjudicación de ataque doxxing contra dirigente del partido derechista PRB en Brasil [Esp/Port]

To all

We claim responsibility for the doxxing action against ANTÔNIO PEREIRA FONTINELE, who resides in São Paulo, Brazil. Details in the links below:

This individual holds the position of “regional coordinator in the southern region 2 of São Paulo” in the leadership of the right-wing PRB – Brazilian Republican Party, also called Republican 10 (party of the “centrão“, a condominium of right-wing rental parties and base of the government of the fascist Jair Bolsonaro) created and financed by the billionaire Edir Macedo, evangelical “bishop” who owns the IURD – Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and the Record TV network, spokesman of the Bolsonaro regime. FONTINELE is linked to Marcos Pereira, president of the PRB and federal deputy of São Paulo, whom Bolsonaro wants to elect president of the national congress.

The PRB is the party that was joined by the brothers Flávio and Carlos Bolsonaro, sons of Bolsonaro, at the end of March 2020, after the failure of the attempt to create their own fascist party, “Aliança pelo Brasil”.

FONTINELE also holds the position of “regional coordinator of local government” in the sub-prefecture of Butantã, a neighborhood on the west side of São Paulo. The mayor of the city of São Paulo is Bruno Covas, of the “social democratic” PSDB party, as is João Doria, the governor of the state of São Paulo. Note: the fascist Bolsonaro is supported by the PRB and defends the end of the quarantine and the exposure of the Brazilian people to the virus, unlike Doria and Covas of the PSDB. But the PSDB council keeps a PRB director in a leadership position in its mayor’s office. Proof of the farce that is “bourgeois democracy” in Brazil.

This was the first retaliation for the failure to comply with our four (4) requirements to the Brazilian National Congress and the alleged Brazilian federal “government” due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic:

1 – resignation of the psychopath Jair Messias Bolsonaro and General Hamilton Mourão, who hold the positions of president and vice-president of the space occupied by the Federative Republic of Brazil;

2 – repeal of the constitutional amendment 95, better known as the “Ceiling PEC”, approved by Congress in 2016 during the criminal government of Michel Temer to benefit big financial capital, and which prevents emergency funds to fight the pandemic;

3 – definitive revocation of the provisional measure 905/2019, better known as the “green and yellow work card”, as it is a coup de grace for the labor rights of the Brazilian people, created by the millionaire finance minister Paulo Guedes, the Chicago Boy of Bolsonaro;

4 – maintenance of the quarantine regime paid for all workers in the space occupied by the Federative Republic of Brazil until the end of the pandemic, with the payment of the monthly allowance of R$ 600 or R$ 1200 recently approved by Congress to all Brazilian workers and not only to self-employed workers.

ANTÔNIO FONTINELE joins the fascist forces of Bolsonaro and was chosen for a doxxing attack to show all bourgeois, bolsonaristas and fascists that ANY one of them can be our target, regardless of fame, hierarchy or personal wealth.

We warn the bourgeoisie, bolsonaristas, sexists, misogynists, LGBTQphobes, racists, xenophobes and fascists: any of them can be the target of retaliation by this collective if they do not stop their attacks against socially vulnerable groups, do not stop the retreat into fascism and do not comply with our 4 requirements.

This action is also a retaliation for the support of Bolsonaro by the “centrão“, which will be the target of further actions if they do not stop supporting him.

Remember everyone that if we are able to make doxxing attacks, we have the names, the home addresses and the images of the faces of the fascist scum. We can start visiting them in person. And we will do so if necessary to stop the fascist escalation and guarantee the survival of the Brazilian people.

We are not peaceful, we are not tolerant, we do not dialogue with reactionaries and we interact with them with the only language they understand: force, violence and intimidation.

Despite our warnings, the fascists took to the streets in demonstrations in various parts of Brazil practically every weekend after 15-03-2020 in defense of the fascist Bolsonaro. There will be reprisals. We won’t say when, where and how, it’s just waiting. Fascists, we repeat what we have already said: the streets do not belong to you and it is our duty to escort you from them.

We salute the example of the struggle of the fans of the Corinthians football club (with a history of struggle for popular causes) that on 05-05-2020 occupied Paulista Avenue in São Paulo confronting a demonstration by the fascists in support of Bolsonaro. We call on the honest social militants, those persecuted by the system and the Brazilian people to follow this example, to break with the policy of capitulation and class conciliation of the bureaucracies of the reformist left and to march on the offensive with mass struggle and direct action against the system. Only confrontation will make the capitalists, fascists, imperialists, the bourgeois state and its murderous police retreat in their attacks on the people and their advance toward fascism. It is possible and necessary to confront the system, and the sooner the better. THE TIME IS NOW!

While we were writing this manifesto, someone played the beautiful resistance song Bella Ciao at a nearby residence. A pleasant surprise and an incentive.

Greetings and solidarity to the anarchist kompas in the struggle against the state and capital all over the world! Cheers and insurrection!





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