Leipzig, Germany: Connewitz, the State and a Construction Site of Internal Security

For weeks, Connewitz has been bubbling with activity, especially around the construction site between Wiedebachplatz and Ecksteinstra├če. This is preventing the cops from patrolling and controlling a large part of Bornaische Strasse. This gives many people the opportunity to spend their evenings without being subjected to arbitrary police checks. Again and again there are fires at the construction site, which is part of a large-scale upgrading process of the quarter. This causes the state power to storm the construction site constantly in large numbers and to control and harass people arbitrarily. The anger at the past harassment by the cops finally exploded spontaneously on 09.05.2020. Here is a small overview of the events of the last weeks.

Like every beautiful spring evening, many people gathered on the street to spend time together. On this evening, there were perhaps 150-200 people on Bornaische Strasse in smaller groups, according to Corona. The cops showed their nervousness from the beginning by intensive patrolling of the surrounding streets. They do not seem to be happy that due to the construction site they can only enter a large part of Connewitz with a large number of helmeted pigs without exposing themselves to great danger.

After a large fire was lit at the construction site, the first bulls arrived and got ready to enter the site. By a courageous use of hooded people with stones and pyrotechnics some people escaped from the net parking place. Only when they had assembled a large contingent did they storm the Bornaische Strasse accompanied by a helicopter. The residents present in the district were expelled by force. Fortunately, however, this also resulted in resistance. The cops were attacked with bottles, stones and pyrotechnics. Three people were arbitrarily arrested in the course of the incident, one of whom, according to the press, has been in custody ever since. In Biedermannstra├če off the construction site, approaching police vehicles were greeted with stones. The cops secured the fire and the construction site and stayed in the neighborhood until 4 a.m.

Already one evening before, an almost identical situation occurred. The cops thought they had to inspect the construction site because of a fire and were greeted with pyrotechnics. Thereupon they had to retreat and came back after a short time with a large contingent to storm the construction site and to look for “suspects”. They also randomly controlled all people who could not or would not leave in time.

On the evening of May 1st, the cops invaded the quarter with a hundred men in order to surround, harass and arbitrarily control people en masse. They drove people into a corner in order to establish their identities afterwards. Paradoxically, they invoked the suspicion that the new infection control measures had been violated. Even though they were the ones who trapped people in a confined space and disregarded any rules of distance.

Since the construction site on Bornaische Strasse has been in existence, the bull siege in Connewitz has increased dramatically. Every weekend the construction site is stormed, people are beaten, threatened and harassed by the cops. The construction site is a thorn in the side of the state authorities because it creates a space that is difficult to control, free from their daily presence. At the same time, the construction site is another deliberate step to raise rents in Connewitz. Of course we are not against a well-functioning tram and a road free of pot holes, with enough space for a bicycle lane. But we have enough reason to be concerned that these measures are part of a wider plan to deepen the displacement process that is taking place. In contrast, the promised milieu protection will help only marginally, as existing houses can still be rented out and modernised.

The cops obviously do not want to and cannot accept any space that is not under their control. They cannot accept that they are unwanted by many people in Connewitz. Since New Year’s Eve at the latest, it has become clear that they are nothing but a repressive occupying force. Their presence mainly serves the rich and profiteers of the luxury buildings, whose construction projects and investments are protected by them. Fortunately, however, they were unable to prevent an excavator, a security car and a car belonging to AfD members from bursting into flames in recent weeks.

If they really wanted evenings like the 09.05. to be peaceful, they wouldn’t storm the neighbourhood at every small campfire and have a helicopter circling over the streets for hours, keeping everyone from sleeping. Contrary to the ridiculous assertions of the cops, Bild newspaper and LVZ, there have never been any attacks on the fire brigade. Nobody in Connewitz has a problem with the fire department. They could do their job unhindered because we appreciate their work. The cops, however, use every opportunity to take repressive action against the residents inside the neighborhood.

In order to avoid further confrontations, we ask the cops not to enter the construction site or the quarter. If they do, they should not be surprised if there are further attacks. At this point we want to remind you once again that it is compulsory to wear a helmet for cops in the neighbourhood, the disregard of which can have fatal consequences.

Pigs out of the neighbourhood!

For a resistant and solidary quarter!

In memory of Ulrike Meinhof, revolutionary and antifascist, murdered by the German state on May 9th, 1976 in Stuttgart-Stammheim.

(via Deutschland Indymedia / Tor, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)


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