Narrm / Melbourne, So-Called Australia: Real Estate Agent Evicts Traitorous Competitor

Received on 10.05.2020:

Late on the night of 4th May 2020, we Barry Plant Preston, evicted our
rival real estate agents Jellis Craig Brunswick from their tenant-loving

We smashed all their windows as retribution for their weak and
sympathetic approach to the disgusting and dirty renters of Melbourne.

Evicting tenants and threatening them with crippling debt, is as far as
Jellis Craig has gone, and we say that this is not enough!!

Only when every miserable renter is living in the streets and we are
spitting in their filthy beggars cups, will we be happy.

We have taken this direct action to remind all real estate agents to not
go easy on these shelter-slaves who are opportunistically taking
advantage of the so-called corona virus, which we at Barry Plant Preston
prefer to refer to as the free loaders disease.

Towards a world of greater authoritarianism, slavery and exploitation,

Barry Plant Preston

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