Thessaloniki, Greece: Arson Attack Against a Turkish Diplomatic Corps Vehicle

Taking responsibility for the arson of a vehicle of the Turkish diplomatic corps on Halkis Street in Thessaloniki on April 30

The fascist Turkish state has killed two hunger strikers in April, fighter Helin Bolek (April 3) and fighter Mustafa Kocak (April 24), and is still torturing to death striker Ibrahim Gokcek. We take responsibility for the arson of a vehicle belonging to the diplomatic corps of Turkey, on a pier on Halkis Street in Thessaloniki on April 30. In your name we swear, revenge and death to the lackeys of power!

Helin Bolek and Ibrahim Gokcek launched a multi-month campaign to end the repressive terrorism perpetrated against the band Grup Yorum by the fascist government of Erdogan. They were identified as terrorists, imprisoned and went on hunger strike. Even after their release, they continued their strike until their deaths, with the aim of freeing the rest of the band. On March 10, special police forces raided the house of the Resistance and abducted the two strikers. Two days later, Helin and Ibrahim were subjected to torture. But they did not bend and continued their struggle unrepentant. Helin became a witness and a symbol of struggle after 288 days of strike, at the same time that Ibrahim was facing death day by day. Helin’s funeral was turned into a battlefield by the invasion of special forces who beat and arrested fighters, desecrating even the striker’s dead body.

Mustafa Kocak has been arrested on charges of handing over weapons to a DHKC-P gunman who killed prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, responsible for protecting and caring for 15-year-old Berkin Elvan’s killers. He was sentenced to life in prison, physically and psychologically tortured by cops, special forces and intelligence agents, sexually abused to betray his comrades, but did not give in and went on hunger strike. Although released from prison, he went on strike to demand that the charges against him be dropped, that his torturers be punished, and that a lawful trial be held. He also joined Grup Yorum’s comrades and was forced to eat. However, he resisted there as well, tearing the doctors’ tubes each time, when he was now handcuffed to the hospital bed. He died disobedient and helpless after 297 days of hunger strike.

In the face of Erdogan’s fascism, Ibrahim Gokcek remains steadfast and therefore deserves the full solidarity and support of the entire world of struggle and resistance.

The road we took is difficult and long, but we must reach the end …

Far from nationalist narratives and suspensions, we all are witnessing a modern genocide. The death toll of the Turkish state (indivisibly alongside the murderous policy of every state that commits crimes against any social base) is drowning thousands of people in blood. Beatings, arrests and murders of popular militants on the streets of Turkey (such as the murder of a 17-year-old Syrian on March 27 in Adana for violating traffic bans), and incarceration for thousands of migrants, torture, abuse and murder of prisoners in incarceration, abductions, executions and bombings of thousands of civilians in Syrian territory; they shed the blood of humanity. We have a responsibility to history.

The fascist and bloodthirsty Erdogan wants to silence every voice of resistance and disobedience. But the voices of Helin and Mustafa will resonate in every hearth of the struggle from now on. Because revolutionaries also give their lives for an idea, holding in their hand a microphone, a flag, a pistol. The sacrifices of Helin and Mustafa must not be forgotten. Because revolutionaries die when their sacrifice is surrendered to oblivion, justifying their murderers. And the responsibility of historical memory weighs heavily on us all collectively.

Every tear will become a storm and drown the enemies of freedom. Every sob will become an oath of revenge. Alongside the witnesses of our common enemy, you also became a sprout in the heart of the world. The bill will be requested tomorrow, before dawn. Believe it and wake up. Wake up comrades.

Honor to Helin Bolek and Mustafa Kocak. Power to Ibrahim Gokcek.

Solidarity with the revolutionaries of the Popular Front

Revolutionary law will judge every war criminal – Without pity!

Anarchist Action Organization

(via Athens Indymedia, translated into English by Abolition Media Worldwide)

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