Switzerland: Walpurgis Night & May Day Queer-Feminist Actions in Zurich & Basel

Zurich: Queer-Feminist Greetings

On the night of May 1st, a queer-feminism symbol, against the fucking unnecessary repression and for a revolutionary May 1st was projected onto the silo so it was visible from afar.

The revolution will be queer feminist or not at all!

Anti-capitalist, feminist, all the good things. We salute those who are fighting these days against repression, against domestic violence, against exploitative conditions, against borders, against racism and sexism (and other injustices and mechanisms of domination). Cheer up! The struggle remains intersectional, visible and unbreakable.

Basel: Sexist Violence has a System!

During the night of April 30th it got colourful – the witches’ granddaughters are on their way and forming gangs!

This to give room to the anger, sadness and disappointment that this society still reproduces the same sexist shit day after day. Sexisms are maintained by patriarchal structures and are protected and supported by the state: sexist violence has a system!

Tally Weijl is representative of all the corporations and structures that propagate ideals of beauty as well as one-sided and unrealistic body norms and profit from them. This attack is also understood as a criticism of the shitty working and production conditions of fashion article production. Work that is mostly done by women.

This attack remembers joyfully the feminist resistance movement in the Walpurgis Nights of the 70s and connects to all FLINT* (Female-Lesbian-Intersex-Nonbinary-Trans) struggles around the world. Because every heart is a ticking time bomb!

In this sense:

***We are the granddaughters of all the witches you were not able to burn!

***Jin Jiyan Azadi!

Basel: Commemoration of All Victims of the Witch Trials

The night from April 30th to May 1st is Walpurgis Night, the night of resistance of witches, their sisters and daughters. On this night we wanted to remember the victims of the witch trials and let the resistance live on.

We, 5 children of the witches, coloured the fountain at the Barfüsserplatz red and hung up a banner with the inscription: “We are the daughters of the witches you could not drown” to commemorate the victims.

In 1782 Anna Göldi from Glarus was sentenced to death as a witch. She was the last woman in Europe to be executed as a witch. She became a victim of patriarchal society, like thousands of women before her.
She was born and raised as the daughter of a maid and demonstrably had two children, one of whom died very young, for which she was charged and sentenced for infanticide.
A fate that affected many women who lost their children.
She worked as a maid for the judge, physician and councillor Johan Jakob Tschudi.
His daughter allegedly suddenly started spitting needles, had seizures and died shortly afterwards.
Johann Jakob Tschudi accused her as a witch for the murder of his daughter.
The entire trial was kept secret, and Anna Göldi was forced to confess under torture.
She was convicted and executed.
Anna Göldi was not only the last condemned witch in Europe, but was also the victim of a judicial murder.
She probably had an affair with Johann Jakob Tschudi and this was discovered. Since adulterers were not allowed to occupy political posts at that time, he accused her of murder so that this would not come out.
Anna Göldi was a victim of a patriarchal society, she was born in one and died in one. Let us together make sure that this never happens again! Let us make sure that people will never again be oppressed because of their sex, sexuality or origin. Because this is what is happening right here, right now.
In 2008 she was rehabilitated, 226 years after her execution. Let’s make sure we never have to do anything like this again.
Today, on Walpurgis Night, we remember all the victims and let their history never be repeated!

Anna Göldi is not an isolated incident!

Basel: We Piss on your Patriarchy!

We, four people with vulvas, peed off the Dreirosenbrücke (a road bridge) in Basel on April 30th, Walpurgis Night.

In doing so, we have taken a liberty that cis-male persons seem to have had since they were in the cradle. We want to reclaim a space for ourselves and our FLINT* siblings that isn’t occupied by cis-male people.

Against bosses and sexists – fight the power fight the cis-tem

(all action claims found on Barrikade and translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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