Toulouse, France: No, We Didn’t Get the Wrong Target – Social or Not, Death to the State!

During the night of the 24th to the 25th of April, 2020, 11 service vehicles of the Toulouse M├ętropole Habitat (social housing company for the Toulouse metropolitan region) were torched.

Today as yesterday, we want to attack all the components of this civilization that are accessible to us, from the most militarized to the most “social”, and this confinement will not prevent us from continuing our outdoor activities, whether it is a daytime walk to spot a target or a nighttime stroll to set fire to it.

Toulouse M├ętropole Habitat, like all other “social” branches of government, is only a tool for pacification.

We don’t want your shitty “social state”, we don’t reform a prison, we burn it down!

Don’t worry, when we went out, we had a certificate – the reason for the journey: to set fire to this shitty world.


PS: This action is nothing extraordinary: without wanting to go into details so as not to feed the research of the shitty investigators, everything that was used in this little trip can be found in all the big supermarkets. It doesn’t need much: a bit of rage, a bit of spotting, a packet of precautions and another one of fuel.

To those who are evicted from the houses or countries in which they live, to those who are locked up in prisons – be it cages or jobs – to those who don’t allow themselves to be confined, to those who are killed for an unfilled piece of paper…DETERMINATION – SOLIDARITY & INVISIBILITY!

PPS: Accidental Anniversary of an Action

(via Attaque, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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