So-Called Australia: Poster – Let’s Not Spread the Cop Virus!

Received on 23.04.2020:


If you see a street-based worker, such as a windscreen washer, sex worker, busker, or coal-biter fundraising on the street, don’t call the police to report them. Give them some cash. Ask them if they need something and offer to help them out. Don’t be a cop.

If you hear that someone in your neighbourhood is showing symptoms, don’t stand behind your curtains spying to see if they are leaving their house. Offer them assistance, ask them if they need support. If you notice they aren’t wearing a mask, don’t yell at them, try and get them one. Don’t be a cop.

If you see people walking around your neighbourhood, try not to assume the worst. Maybe they are homeless, maybe they are going to work. A lot of people don’t have the privilege of shutting themselves away at home with a fridge full of food. Don’t be a cop.

If you go out shopping, don’t make hateful glances at people around you for fear of infection. Other people are like you with the same concerns. Say hello, make conversation. If you see someone shoplifting, give them a wink. Other people aren’t your enemy. Don’t be a cop.

If you see someone who lives on the street, don’t cross the road out of fear. If you can, offer them food, a mask, water. If they are breaking into an empty building, they may be seeking safe and secure shelter. Offer to be a lookout. Don’t add to their problems. Don’t be a cop.

Let’s not spread the cop virus!
They are the disease that attempts to infect us all, but together we are the antidote!

(Adapted from a leaflet that originally appeared in Spain, and the French version translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide. Image by Toby Zoates)

Download as PDF: anticop virus poster

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