Gambia: Empower the People – Fight Covid-19

Facing the difficulties coming with the COVID-19 outbreak in Gambia for many people, a group of friends came together to raise funds, to sensitize and to help in the material conditions of the people. The Peoples Collective is of and from the people since its not some charitable cause but a mutual sharing of resources between neighbors and likeminded people. We recognize the country is going to be hard hit in the areas of food and basic resource related like sanitation materials; we decided to put our own meager resources together and to call out for help since we can’t cover all of these expenses ourselves.

There will be constant updates on how we are doing with funds and resources. Also how the country is responding to this pandemic. Share the cause widely and help in raising funds to defend the territory of life in The Gambia!

We already delivered food packages to some 80 families and few single person. Beside that we provided some 50 hand washing equipments. For all together we already spent about 250.000 Dalasi, almost 5.000 Euros. To continue the distribution, we need more funds – and this very urgently.

The situation in Gambia will get harder and the virus will spread faster. It is expected that during June and July many people will be infected. To minimize the spread of the deadly virus, we have to act now!

If you like to support, please start your own initiative or contact us:
Phone/Signal/Whatsapp:   +220 779 14 17

(via The Peoples Collective)

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