North Rhine-Westphalia, Germay: Municipal Police Vehicles Torched in Bielefeld

On the night of April 16th-17th in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia), three municipal police vehicles* were set on fire. Two of them were completely destroyed, the third one was damaged, narrowly saved from the flames by the fire brigade.

The vehicles were parked in front of the municipal police building in Ravensburg Park. The amount of damage was estimated at around 25,000 euros.

About 15 fire fighters had to be mobilized for almost an hour. The police presume it was a case of arson. Furthermore, they have not ruled out the possibility that this attack is linked to the coronavirus crisis, as the targeted institution is responsible for enforcing the contact ban rules that are in force. State security services are in charge of the investigation.

*Note: In Germany, this is the Ordnungsamt, the public service responsible for enforcing the law at the local level. Its uniformed officers work alongside other law enforcement agencies, such as the federal police. Their powers are very extensive in North Rhine-Westphalia (of which Bielefeld is a part) and Baden-Württemberg (like the municipal police in some cities in France).

(via Sans Attendre Demain)

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