Turkey: Children of Fire Initiative Claim New Arson Attacks in Istanbul, Mersin & Antalya

The Children of Fire Initiative have claimed responsibility for 4 new arson attacks against fascist targets.

April 16th, 2020: A warehouse owned by a fascist was set on fire in the Mersin-Erdemli-Kumkuyu neighborhood. As a result of the fire, the owner’s car and motorbike were reduced to ash and great financial loss was incurred.

A recycling facility in the Istanbul-Zeytinburnu Maltepe neighborhood was set on fire. The smoke from the flames that grew rapidly made the fascist environment breathless and the fire caused great material damage to the fascist barons.

April 17th, 2020: A paper factory in the İstanbul-Küçükçekmece-Halkalı Merkez neighborhood was set on fire. The fire, which caused material damage to the fascist collaborating bosses, poisoned the fascist environment with its fumes and blocked traffic.

A 200-person cruising boat called the Brothers Five Nordic was set on fire at the Kum location in Antalya-Manavgat. The boat, which was delivered to the flames quickly, also spread the fire to the tour boat named Grand Lina next to it, and as a result of the fire, both boats became unusable and turned into scraps. Fascist bosses who support barbarity by generating income from tourism suffered financial losses as a result of the fire.

Excerpt from the claim of responsibility: Every honorable individual who has a grudge against this enemy, who wants to do something with their conscience and not accept the persecution, must set fire to whatever fascist targets are in their location. As we mentioned previously, the lighters in your hands are like an atomic bomb. You should be able to hit the fascists with great anger by using your lighters, which are simple and inexpensive, without any disadvantage in terms of security, and you should be able to give the necessary answer to this barbaric enemy who doesn’t understand words. May your contribution bring chaos to the enemy. We call everyone to action for a free and dignified life.

(via Raperina Gel, link includes video of actions)

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