Brussels, Belgium: Police are the Worst Virus, Let’s Destroy Them Both

On Saturday the 11th of April, during full confinement (1), riots broke out in Anderlecht in the area around the Clémenceau metro station. They continued in the evening, in particular with the attack against a police station and the lighting of several fires.

Young people from the municipality and other neighborhoods gathered early Saturday afternoon following a call for revenge on social networks to protest against a police murder: the evening before, a 19 year old boy died after being chased by cops who were trying to arrest him. He was hit hard on the quai de l’Industrie in Anderlecht by a patrol car that had come as backup.

Quickly, the riots broke out, the rebels threw stones and projectiles at the cops, who responded with water cannons and tear gas. Several police vehicles were vandalized. A video showed a young man stealing a weapon from one of the vehicles. By midnight, the weapon had still not been found.

Around 10PM, the disturbances resumed with the attack on a police station with rocks: several windows were broken. Later in the night, various vehicles and street furniture were set on fire.

A total of 57 people were reportedly arrested during the afternoon and nighttime riots. 43 of them are reportedly in police custody.

Four vehicles had already been set on fire in Anderlecht during the night of Friday to Saturday. A fire was also put out in the tank of a truck, which was filled with flammable liquid, at around 2:10AM in Anderlecht.

“The Brussels-South zone police had been on alert since Saturday morning following calls for the rally on social networks. The police intervened, as rallies were banned, and the situation developed into riots.
The whole area around the Clémenceau metro station was cordoned off by the police. A very large police force was deployed. A water cannon was sent, as well as a helicopter. Reinforcements from other police areas were mobilized. According to the mayor of Anderlecht, about a hundred policemen are on the scene.”

On Sunday, the mayor explained to corporate media RTL: “The bulk of the intervention has been lifted, and reinforcement platoons are planned for Sunday and Monday, which will be available if things get out of hand. But for the moment there are no more calls on social networks for new violence.”

“The family of young Adil said that they were in no way responsible for the calls for the rally and they are calling for calm in the neighborhood,” Fabrice Cumps, the mayor of Anderlecht, told RTBF.

Barely a few minutes after the explosion of rage against the murderous confiners, the family of the murdered young man called for calm, with his uncle in the lead, seeking to channel the anger and impose this social peace which is the worst of all violence. However, this cannot be said to have had any real influence on the course of events.

Strength to the revolts in Brussels and elsewhere!
For the spread of revolt!
May the State and its watchdogs die!

(1): Compulsory confinement has been in place in Belgium for four weeks now, with cops taking it out on the poorerst neighborhoods and on the most recalcitrant to this system. Seeing a revolt on such a scale in this context opens up opportunities to act just about everywhere and to strike back at the police occupation, even if the streets of the metropolises are deserted by the population, which in fact tends to isolate the revolts.

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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