Spain: Solidarity with the Defendants in Operación Arca!

On May 13, 2019, two comrades were arrested in Madrid; their homes and the EOA La Emboscada (an autonomous space) were searched by the police. Since then, they have been awaiting trial on charges of terrorism, and are being investigated in relation to various actions against repressive bodies, banks, political parties and real estate companies.

We don’t care if they are innocent or guilty according to the State, if they are criminals or terrorists. We do not want to legitimize their spectacle, nor a judicial and political system that they have created for their interests. The only definition that we recognize ourselves from complicity, is that of anarchists. Because we are fighting to recover our lives and our autonomy in the face of this authoritarian system.

For us, the best way to show solidarity is to continue with the struggles we share, which is why these many comrades, beaten daily by the system, are present in them and inspire them. A wink of complicity, whether they are criminals, terrorists or simply anarchists.

Their cages do not stop us.

(via Quemando Arcas, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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