Bologna, Italy: Individual Feminist Action – ATMs Vandalized

In these times of contagion, individual but not individualistic action is useful.
If to take a solitary walk you risk a complaint, then so be it…Bologna, March 25th, 2020.
Some Unicredit ATMs, one of the banks that finance the war, have been damaged in the city.
The war industry hasn’t been stopped even with the pandemic. Evidently for the state, war is considered a basic necessity.

This pandemic is the result of devastation and exploitation of the environment and other animal species, man on man, and, upstream, man on woman.
The #iroestoacasa (#stayathome) campaign imposed by the state itself is the result of patriarchal violence and can only generate more patriarchal violence. The armed wing of the state, in the name of “health”, is hitting the homeless, the precarious, the carers, the workers, people locked up in prisons, but above all it is affecting women, locked up in their homes with their oppressors and overburdened with all the work that comes with it.

For all patriarchal violence exasperated by these measures we will respond!

Solidarity with the strikers and all those who rebel.

(via Attaque, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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