Beyond The Dark Horizon – New Green Anarchist Publication from So-Called Australia (Free PDF)

Beyond The Dark Horizon

A publication of green anarchist art, poetry, stories, rants from ‘so called-Australia’ and beyond.

“We are in a new epoch of breakdown what will it mean to not have a horizon … to have no map of how to act … to have only shifting sands to cling to and be in a world radically different than that of the last 10000+ years? What does green anarchy mean today?”

So now it’s global pandemic time! Who would have thought? Any maps of change we might have started scrawling on the shores are washed away.

Limits of 2 people allowed to gather.

‘Did I touch my face?’

Overnight mass unemployment, police state, hospital systems collapse!

Mines still running, forests still getting logged to fuck while thousands die!

How the fuck do we resist now?

Maybe the pandemic is to be overshadowed by the economic crisis to follow, we had a taste of climate breakdown this summer, who would have thought those masks would get a work-out again so soon.

Beyond the Dark Horizon is a collection of green anarchist art, rants, poetry, stories written in 2019 by a group of us from ‘so-called Australia.’

In 2019 we wrote;

“we are in a new epoch of breakdown. what does it mean to not have a horizon …? to have no map to direct how to act …? to have only shifting sands to cling to and be in a world entering a radically different climate to that of the last 10000+ years? …
“In the wake of multiple worlds that have already ended, that we are living in a post-apocalyptic present following countless genocides and colonialisms.”
That ‘a world, that is designed to break you, is ending?
We all live our own apocalypse, some sooner than others.
The crush of the dole queue, while we watch another ecosystem crash.
The humiliation of income management at the supermarket or wet feet at the barricade.
As we get older, rebels become destitute, others lose their minds, sticking to your guns
against a world designed to break you is hard.

But yet, there is wonder, small wins, the satisfaction in small defiance and moments of freedom that can make it worthwhile and joy in letting go of the idea that you have to win, that you will win, that you can flip the world of capital upside down in 10 years, – there is small pleasure in weaponising despairing and righteousness. These are dark horizons, hope is for fools but there is dignity in stealing moments of freedom and joy in the solidarity of plotting revenge. As the Chinese saying goes, there is opportunity in crisis.

What does it mean to be a green anarchist today, amongst ruin, with so little space, without real hope of a happy ending, that a happy horizon is gone? Some of us read a book about resistance in the concentration camps called ‘Blessed is the Flame’ by a Serafinski, … inspiration from the stories of resistance in despair, resistance when you could not win, in the face of certain and actual death. If people could slap their executioners in a death-camp then what right do we have to giving up?”

Beyond the Dark Horizon was originally envisioned as a pocketbook that could be thumbed over for years. Perhaps a limited edition printed version will emerge when the time is right, but we wanted to get it out to you in an online version now. We hope that this helps you through this time, helps you to plot and bring energy to the ongoing struggle and what lays beyond ? when we are not broke, barely hanging onto jobs and able to distro them safely we will do a limited edition print run.

Beyond the Dark Horizon (2019)

Download PDF Here

Contact: beyondthedarkhorizon(AT)protonmail(DOT)com


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