Berlin, Germany: Fascist AfD Politician Frank Hansel’s Car Torched

Frank Hansel shot too…

The fact that fascism took up arms again in Hanau on February 19th and the murderer shot nine people and his mother as well as himself in the process does not outrage us. Because indignation would only be a short-lived passive feeling, which assumes that the situation before this event was okay.

It does not outrage us, it makes us angry that Sedat G., Hamza K., Kalojan W., Faith S., Ferhat Ü., Mercedes K., Gökhan G., Vili Viorel P. and Said Nessar H. were torn away from their family and friends in this way. We live in a state where racism is commonplace. In a system that is hostile to pure human existence. In a system in which all its components have inhaled exploitation pressure, competition and assertion is such a way that we cannot avoid developing hatred for the existing, its representatives and the indifferent. We cannot make our peace with it, we neither expect nor demand anything from the rulers.

It is obvious that German society, after the widespread non-reaction to the exposure of the NSU (National Socialist Underground), continuous attacks on camps for asylum-seekers and some spectacular freak outs by so-called “lone perpetrators”, is also not willing or emotionally ready to respond to the murders at Hanau. Not to mention the situation on Europe’s sealed off external borders. Lulled by Pegida marches and the Corona crisis, the German dreams of full shelves in supermarkets and crowds in beer gardens. If there are now those who have been shaken up enough by Hanau to become active themselves, then that’s fine, as long as it doesn’t stop at a brief feeling of assuming responsibility. As anarchists, we will therefore always have social peace in our sights when we dissolve their contentment with our fires.

The meaning of antifascist counter-violence is unchanged. By no means is unity with the rest of the bourgeois parties an option, as some leftists believe. On the contrary, the decision of some antifascist groups to enter into broad bourgeois alliances in order to supposedly build more strength has instead contributed to our weakening; the level of confrontation has been lowered in order to achieve a consensus of action (especially in demos) with “civil society”. This even made it possible for some state-sponsored anti-fascist groups to distance themselves from arson attacks against Nazi cars.

Good research is an indispensable prerequisite for targeted attacks on Nazis like the AfD. It is not about punishment or education by means of violence. What counts is material damage to their structure and restrictions on their freedom of movement. We think that outings should generally only take place after a direct intervention. The dissolution of open structures like the AfD by anti-fascist interventions can save lives, because the AfD prepares the ground in German society for the legitimization of murder, provides a structural framework for it and gets (state) money through its smear campaign to finance further smear campaigns.

At the same time, antifascists cannot choose the conditions under which they develop their activities. The experience of the Weimar Republic – the hesitant attitude of the KPD (Communist Party of Germany) and other anti-fascist forces to use their existing weapons and means against the emerging dictatorship – prove the thesis that attacks on right-wing structures must not be linked to our personal risk or prognosis of success. There is no one right time to fight fascism or otherwise to turn instead to other (supposed) sub-area struggles. To wait for better times would be the wrong signal and they will not come. Rather, the (social) war will intensify in the phase after Corona.

The AfD executive and member of parliament Frank Hansel lives at Eisenacher Str. 3 in Schöneberg and drove a Jaguar with the registration number B-FH 933, which we set on fire in the early morning of April 6, 2020, at the spot where Georg v. Rauch* was killed in a firefight with the police in 1971; we have long wanted to commemorate this event with an action – thanks for your luxury limousine, Hansel you ass!

(via Deutschland Indymedia / Tor, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

*Translation note: Georg von Rauch was an active member of the urban guerrilla group, the West Berlin Tupamaros, which later became the Movement of June 2nd (J2M). Georg was captured by the police in February 1970. At his sentencing in July 1971, Georg fled the courthouse in Berlin-Moabit by changing places with his comrade Thomas Weissbecker. In December of the same year, police tried to recapture him in Berlin-Schöneberg and a firefight erupted. Georg was killed by the police in the shootout.

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