Indonesia: AMP Demand the Closure of Freeport Mine & Self-Determination for the People of West Papua

Received and translated on 07.04.2020:

Position Statement
Papuan Student Alliance


Amolongo, Nimo, Koyao, Koha, Kinaonak, Nare, Yepmum, Dormum, Tabea Mufa, Walak, Foi Moi, Wainambe, Nayaklak
Waa… waa… waa… waa… waa… waa… waa… waa… waa… waa!

Greetings of National Liberation to all West Papuans!

PT Freeport Indonesia has long been disastrous for the people of West Papua. Freeport’s presence on West Papua’s land cannot be separated from the presence of Human Rights violations and environmental damage in West Papua. Also, the Indonesian colonial government take part in the disasters suffered by the people of West Papua. Since Freeport McMoran has been in operation from 1967 to 2020, their 53rd year has seen the will of Imperialist capital and benefits of the International Capitalists from the seizure of natural resources in West Papua including the Silencing of Democratic Rights. Added to this is the Covid-19 pandemic in colonial Indonesia which spread to West Papua, this is an Indonesian colonialist agenda to conduct structured genocide and seize its political economy at an international level by selling West Papuan land without consulting the Indigenous people of West Papua. Indonesia has exercised control over West Papuan land via the military since the Old Order until now.
For the sake of securing the investment process and the eradication of democratic rights and implementing elections from year to year, Indonesia military operations are carried out. After Operation Trikora on December 19th, 1961, there have been various military operations such as Operatio Banten Kedaton, Operation Penyisiran, Operation Koteka, Operation Garuda, Operation Serigala, Operation Kancil, Operation Naga, Operation Rajawali, Operation Lumbung, Operation Jatayu, Operation Sadar. Operations by sea have been Operation Show of Force, Operation Cakra, Operation Wisnumurti, Operation Brathayudha, Operation Wibawa, Operation Lumba-lumba, Operation Mapenduma, Operation Penangnan Pepera, Operation Koteka, Operation Senyum, Operation Gagak, Operation Kasuari, and other Special Operations. Everything is done for the control of the West Papua region. For the sake of convenience and security of the investment process and to instill the claws of colonialism and perpetuate capitalism in the land of West Papua.

In 2000, ELSHAM Papua (Institute of Human Rights Studies and Advocacy, an NGO based in Jayapura, West Papua) made a report on the violence carried out by the security forces that occurred in various regions in West Papua. In Paniai, 614 people were reported dead, 13 were missing, 94 were raped. In Biak, 102 people died, 3 people were missing, 37 people were tortured, 150 people were detained. In Wamena, 475 people died. In Sorong, 60 people died, 5 were missing and 7 were victims of rape. In Jayawijaya, 137 people died, 2 people were missing, 10 people were victims of rapem 3 people were victims of persecution. Not to mention the burning of houses of worship, villages, houses, traditional farms. This does not include other regions, which have not been well documented starting from May 1, 1963, when the people of West Papua were annexed, until now.

In addition to violence against humanity, Freeport Indonesia also plays a major role in the destruction of West Papua’s nature. Tens of thousands of hectares of forest have been turned into dead forests. River overflow due to sedimentation of waste that falls under the category of hazardous waste (Toxic Material). Tailing waste discharged into the Ajkwa River, one of the five rivers in Mimika. There are still other affected rivers such as Aghawagon River, Otomona River, Minjerwi River, Aimoe River and Tipuka River. Freeport Indonesia has contaminated waters with acidic liquids that are harmful to aquatic life and threaten the health of the local people.

Freeport McMoran, US imperialism and colonialism along with Indonesian militarism in West Papua constitute a unity that plays a major role in the systematic pattern of oppression in West Papua. The state is used as an instrument by the capitalist group that is in power to legalize oppression in the land of Papua. The first contract of work between PT Freeport and Indonesia was carried out in 1967, while the Determination of the Opinion of the People (Pepera) was carried out in 1969, but with manipulative and undemocratic practices. This is a reflection of the collaboration between capitalism, colonialism and militarism that was applied through the political practice of the forced incorporation (annexation) of West Papua into the framework of the Republic of Indonesia without allowing freedom for the people of West Papua to determine their own destinies.

Conditions Today: the spread of Covid-19 continues to increase in West Papua and the displacement of the Indigenous Amungge tribe that has been ongoing since March 6th, 2020 continues. Around 40,819 people from all over Papua and from the town of Timika have been displaced due to the control of the Indonesian Colonial Military in the Freeport area and the Resistance of the National Liberation Army of West Papua [TPNPB] against TNI / Polri (Indonesian Armed Forces & the Indonesian Police), who have been securing the area of PT Freeport for the Imperialists. This was reported by on 12/03/2020. So the TPNPB in their struggle against TNI / Polri are facing a colonial agenda in the land of West Papua to silence the struggle process of the West Papuan people’s movement to demand the struggle for independence and to include the issue of the colonialists and the international capitalists in the hands of the Imperialists regarding Freeport McMoran. Throughout the land of West Papua, Indonesian colonial military operations are continuing in several places, especially in Nduga, Intan Jaya, Bintang Mountains, the area of PT Freeport Timika etc. The Indonesian military continue their excessive colonization via silencing, oppression, shooting, bombing, raiding, rapes, arrests, looting and various other oppressive measures against the people of West Papua. This agenda continues throughout colonial Indonesia too, silencing the movement of the National Liberation Army of West Papua [TPNPB] by labeling them as KKB (kelompok kriminal bersenjata / armed criminal groups), terrorists and separatists; civilians struggling for the right to determine their own fates are also branded as separatists. There is also ongoing silencing of the democratic spaces of students, women, laborers, farmers, fishermen, Papuan market women and others.
Freeport McMoran’s operations, which do not bring prosperity or profit to the people of West Papua, and Covid-19, which was deliberately spread from Jakarta until it reached the land of Papua, must be resisted together. Therefore, seeing the cruelty of Indonesia’s colonialism and the increasingly brutal, international capitalists and imperialists in West Papua, we, the Papuan Student Alliance [AMP] are taking a stand and we say the following to the Jokowi / MA regime:

  • Give the Right of Self-Determination of Democratic Solutions to the People of West Papua
  • Covid-19 is a colonialist, capitalist and imperialist agenda in West Papua
  • Immediate lockdown of all of West Papuan land
  • Evict Freeport
  • Audit the wealth of Freeport and give severance pay to the workers
  • Audit of mineral reserves and environmental damage
  • Withdrawal of all TNI-Polri from all of West Papuan land
  • Stop engineering conflict throughout West Papua
  • Open access to journalists and information throughout the land of West Papua
  • Investigate, arrest and prosecute human rights violations during Freeport McMoran’s presence in West Papua

This position statement was made with the support, participation and cooperation of all parties, we give many thanks.

Greetings of West Papuan National Liberation!
Medan Juang, April 7th, 2020

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