Madrid, Spain: Real Estate Agency Office Attacked

In the early morning of April 1st, the windows of a real estate agency in Vallekas were smashed. In addition to the misery of the past, there is the misery caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The militarization of the streets, repression, exploitation, layoffs, fear and uncertainty are some of the faces of democracy and the state as usual, only accentuated by a sudden acceleration of these processes caused by the virus.

Businessmen, politicians, judges, journalists, landlords, police and military are dancing to the global sound of “states of emergency” with hard military boots on us. The tensions and ruptures have also made their appearance in the form of strikes, riots, looting and disturbances, if you map out the international and local scene a little. The pressure cooker is building. This is only a small and humble contribution in the form of an attack.

For the contagion of revolt!

Long live anarchy!

(via Contra Madriz, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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