Bremen, Germany: Real Estate Companies Attacked

Heads Out of the Sand! Real Estate Companies Attacked.

Two Real Estate Company Cars in Bremen Destroyed.

Bremen: 21.03 to 22.03

We should stay at home and avoid any contact with others. We should show solidarity, because if we don’t, the deadly virus will spread. We get lost in the news. We go into shock.

The pandemic is a reality and we all have a responsibility. Responsibility to contain the disease. But also responsibility for social development. We are not all “in the same boat” just because we can all be affected by the virus. The pandemic, or rather how we deal with it, exacerbates the already precarious living conditions. Many will get into debt, have no or much lower income and still have to pay the high rents. Real estate companies will continue to profit and the burdens of the crisis will be transferred to those who are marginalized anyway. At the same time, government measures to combat the virus are accelerating authoritarian developments; we can see three key points here:

– An intensification of the technological attack…
The switch to web-based homework, the relocation of cultural encounters such as concerts or parties to virtual spaces, online school lessons, the displacement of retail stores by online commerce, and the analysis of mobile phone date for biopolitical population control, to name just a few examples.

– Testing of counterinsurgency measures
Military action at home, the closing of borders, curfews, increased powers for the police, the complete disappearance of the liberal counter-public in the form of demonstrations and rallies, all these measures – regardless of their usefulness in containing the pandemic – are also important experiences for combating coming insurgencies.

– Aggravated precarization
It is becoming clear that the crisis of the virus is being replaced by a crisis of the economy. Beyond the redistribution of the taxpayers’ money to corporations and companies, it is difficult to predict the effects of the coming economic crisis. But if we look at the past crisis, it is clear that we have to expect the whole range of neoliberal reforms.

All in all, there are many reasons (offline) to act, analyse and observe. We were on the streets to find out whether it is still possible to move at night. And lo and behold, it is still possible.

Our first actions are two destroyed real estate company vehicles:

– a burnt-out Smart car from IMMO-BREMEN
– destroyed windows on a small Engel und Völkers car

Against resignation and isolation: Heads out of the sand!

Autonomous Groups

Note: According to the press, a hedge was set on fire by the burning Smart car, which in turn damaged the windows of an apartment building and led to the temporary evacuation of two people. There is nothing nice about that. We apologize! And we will be even more careful in the future! All nocturnal activists: Be careful in narrow streets!

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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