Berlin, Germany: Arson Attacks Against Bosch Security and Dr. House Solutions

No Evictions, No Security Control! Bosch and Dr. House Solutions Vehicles Torched

There is no curfew yet, but while during the day people in parks and squares catch the first warm rays of sunshine, the streets are quiet and after dusk the streets seem to be empty. Life has withdrawn into the supposed private sphere, social contacts are largely interrupted, communication is shifting to digital. In public space, the opinion dictated from above now prevails. Open meetings, demonstrations – almost every exchange and resistance begins to become invisible, a dystopia.

After the state of emergency the economic crisis will follow, there will be winners and losers. We want to contribute to making the right people lose; investors, homeowners, profiteers of surveillance. Even in times of declared or premature curfews, we will continue to sabotage the gears of the capitalist system and break the silence.

On March 19th, we set fire to a vehicle of the security company Bosch on the Ostseestra├če in Pankow, Berlin and the following night we set fire to a vehicle of Dr. House Solutions on the Tiroler Stra├če in the same district.

The Bosch company was also an exhibitor at this year’s European Police Congress, as well as the organizer of a digital congress in Berlin in February. In order to cope with crises, wars, states of emergency or even the everyday capitalist madness of the Smart Cities in the interests of the ruling classes, they need to constantly expand their security technology. Among other things, a Bosch vehicle was set on fire in December by the FAZ in Hamburg for this reason.

Dr. House Solutions belongs to the Padovic company network. Due to the eviction of Liebig34, which they are still striving for, the further destruction of the Rummelsburger Bucht and further speculative blackmailing of tenants, Padovic and all those who are like him are the targets of our attacks. Likewise, the Berlin Senate wants to continue the eviction of the Syndikat on April 17th, so those responsible must be told: this will be met with resistance. But like the last few nights, we will not wait for Day X, because between us and the system with its order, only the attack has a place.

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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