Switzerland: Train Graffiti Action – “When Will The Banks Burn?”

All over the world, wage-earners are rising up against the abuses and taking the streets. At the same time, the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent, especially in poorer regions, which are least responsible for it.

With our action we wanted to highlight both issues. Because in both areas the banks, and therefore capital, have a major influence. Our capitalist system is designed to generate the greatest possible profit. To achieve this, it does not shy away from exploiting people, animals and the climate. Large banks like UBS and Credit Suisse earn a large part of their income through investments and loans. In doing so, they show no consideration for the environment and humanity. The main thing is that their investment produces enough capital. For example, they invest in fossil fuels such as lignite and oil. But there is resistance. All over the world people are rising up against these and many other grievances. In Rojava the warriors of the people’s defence units fight against the fascist Erdogan regime. For over a year the Gilets-Jaunes in France have been taking the streets. In North America the Indigenous peoples protest against the new pipeline plans. We show solidarity with these and all other revolutionary struggle worldwide.

In every capitalist system it is not possible to act justly and humanely. People, animals and the environment are deliberately destroyed and exploited. Let’s get organized and burn down the banks! For a revolution in thinking and acting!

ARG – Autonomous Revolutionary Group

(via Barrikade, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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