Argentina: ‘The Impetuous Germination of Anarchy’ by Pampa Libre Cell (FAI-FRI)

“…Light in the Shadow
The enemy’s got to watch out
That only from that ancient place
The foundation stone could emerge
Which is spreading out of control
This land called
Our beloved America
And if necessary in the future
We will change the name.”

– Sergio Terenzi (el Urubu)


The handful of reflections that follow have come to us almost unintentionally. They are one more contribution to the debate on the issues that move us; a small stop on the troubled road we are now travelling. It is good to share visions about what worries us and throw them like a bottle into the sea…Perhaps they will serve to fertilize the sowing and/or sharpen the tools suitable to advance in the realization of what we dream…To all the warriors of praxis a sincere embrace from the region that fails to dominate (as they would like) the self-proclaimed state of Sargentino. May 1000 new rebellions flourish.


We do not underestimate or mock the many ancient pagan cultures that are seeing, in these present times, the signs of an inevitable decline throughout the entire ill-treated and agonized blue planet that we inhabit. And we don’t it because (among other things…) beyond mysticism and conspiracies, the harsh reality shows us that this IS so. We feel the vertigo of the events in our skin; and we consider that it is a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. We refuse to look the other way as it would be alienating. The question is rather: what do we do?

The first thing is to make clear who we are. We are unbridled lovers of anarchy, beyond the “isms” and the multiple tendencies towards it, the objective is total liberation, or failing that, an always mutated and imperfect approach that brings us as close as possible to the beautiful Ideal. Always de-territorializing the struggles; and looking for the point of escape before the attacks of the enemy…Knowing that the solution to the problems that afflict us are in our hands, anyone can be one “David knocking down Goliath”. No need to feel defeated: before starting the battle!

The so-called insurrectionism is not something new, nor a suicidal option; nor a forward flight of a “late adolescent gang” without analysis of the situation condemned (beforehand) to not provoke chain reactions. It is a valid path that, in many corners of the globe, is exploding like gunpowder when it dries. The persecutions and arrests of compañerxs not only do not precipitate us to inaction and ostracism; but they also make us more firm in our response to other groups, which pass from indifference and cowardice, improving (and spreading!) new methods of confronting repression.

We have to assume that the confrontation we encourage is not a “bed of roses”; and be well prepared to bear its consequences..Many compassionate people have been seen to break down, as soon as they were kidnapped by the henchmen of power. But also, there are those who became even more radical and combative since they were arrested; and from the dungeons they not only give us words and beautiful gestures, but they are also effective propagandists for others who, not knowing the Idea, embrace it in the prisons and (when released) join in the street struggles.


The “feeling of helplessness” they think they have installed, among our affinities, is nothing more than that. It is up to us to turn it around; and to remember (especially important for us to remember) that what is falling apart, resoundingly, is YOUR system of world capitalist oppression. Meanwhile, what this humble writing is concerned with, is how to accelerate its fall; without succumbing or being dragged into the debacle…For there are no infallible formulas or manuals of use for all; we advance – by trial error – learning (with each action of attack and retreat) much more than we would from a thousand theoretical flings.

The more complex and overwhelming the “control mechanisms” become, the more weak points they present, if we know how to detect them. There we must direct the first blows making them collapse from their root when -and as- they least expect it. To give just two examples: the power lines can be sabotaged, creating the right conditions to perpetrate our additional attack…A single match, thrown in the right place, can set fire to a sea of machinery or installations, as has already happened on countless occasions. Imagination against power is the creator of its destruction!

It is true that we been quite correct, in recent years, regarding the proliferation of counter-information websites that publish, and translate, the increasingly numerous actions against targets of all kinds; and this encourages the unleashing of many more. Let’s try to make visible the claims of responsibility by internationalizing our offensives, since this makes us more aware of the achievements made in the Social War and, sharing various methods and tactics, we feed their reproduction. The (fluid) communication between us is healthy: let’s not renounce it…

If there is one thing that we are unquestionably and irremediably anarchic about, it is the deep conviction that the human will is unbreakable, and that everything that we propose with our hearts will find a way to materialize horizontally and harmoniously. A multitude of laboratories of metamorphosis are underway in many places. They are harassed in an obsessive way (as in the case of Exarcheia) but they resist and become even stronger. Power is paranoid by nature: it knows that we possess the most lethal weapons conceivable. That is to say, an arsenal of libertarian viruses that are a source of “contagion”.


It is time to cry out loud that spontaneous and solidaritarian self-organization in the midst of the ruins of the Matrix, is not only possible but palpable, as we have always affirmed. And it’ beautiful too. We are seeing it and living it among more and more enthusiastic participants, of different ages and origins, interconnecting the permanent conflict everywhere…The parties, unions and other traitorous-negotiating pests will not have any meaning when everything burns; and their dirty/execrable strategies do too. Neither social, nor unsocial, nor socialist, nor anti-social. More simply: SINGULAR.

No Utopian planning to protect the “future”: we are that stubborn denial of the shitty present that we suffer; we have no idea what will come and we do not care, because in every place our accomplices will solve what is needed in the heat of circumstances. Our plan is that we have none- apart from blowing everything up- and not allowing the emergence of new institutions on top of the ruins that we are tearing down; because what history shows us is enough: they change the names, the discourses and the systems so that, deep down, nothing changes at all.

The Enemy? It is Fear. Fear of not even having in mind WHAT the enemy is, and not who he/it is…But let’s explain it: it is the system’s task, to make us believe that we are guilty of the evils that produce unhappiness. The most effective way to submit ourselves is to inject increasing doses of “mea culpa“. Two thousand years ago, a Proto-Anarchist (Jesus Christ) literally tried to set fire to such an argument; and we already know how that story ended. The most impressive thing about the affair was how, in the West, they managed to mutilate his message, to the point of leaving it unrecognizable to most people.

Political correctness makes us nauseous, because we are enemies of politics. The “neurosis of the good militant” does not concern us, since we are repulsed by the word military. Communisms lie dying. There is more and more talk in intellectual circles about the re-emergence of the anarchic. For them it is a “phenomenon to be dissected”, another step to control and deactivate…To our liking they do not understand anything of what we are, because there is nothing to understand. Their fucking uni-versities don’t capture our di-versities. And they’ll be the stuff of fire too…


Above all no dogmas, no castrating ideologies. Let alone to erect new churches (horror!) in the name of anarchy, but to build self-governing villages, or at least some TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) where we can experience ourselves as smiling, subversive micro-brotherhoods and sisterhoods.
In this way, we will be able to reappropriate the innocent magic of the human; a necessary step for the interweaving of loving complicities, which will prepare us and launch us fully into the attack, when the need to protect them becomes urgent. Or we can be hermits of the forest while they exist.

We enthusiastically encourage the emergence of similar experimental affinities, so long as they are spontaneous and furiously anti-hierarchical of course! We are also seduced by individual nihilism as an ingredient that enhances the acratic; if the “ariscous” singularities to the communitarian in a concrete time and place are perceived as such, since -however- everything is reversible and changeable; because that is what the freedom in which we affirm ourselves is about…Things that are incomprehensible from outisde our (A)cracia the more the proclamations of “freedom, equality and fraternity” that are repeated -the left-wingers- are hypocrites.

Now it’s the turn of the anti-authoritarians to take (not to seize) the helm of history; and to sail pirate oceans of burning and irreverent passions to more non-power, always against the redirecting currents that try to pilot our tenacious, feline, psychoactive dreams. We bite off those ghostly “futures” of design that cannot be imposed upon us. We are everywhere. We are the nightmare of a pro-zombie civilization that bows down, day by day, digging its own grave. It is from there that our wild, untamed force feeds. From the remains of its total failure.

We are anti-police poetry. And bombs of conscience. And incorruptible ideals. ACAB!, we spit on the walls. We’re the 99%: let’s not forget compañerxs, in $hile (something NOBODY foresaw) there is a war going on, that is intensifying and bearing fruit. Let’s support the brave warriors who give face to the combat by staggering the neoliberal leviathan that tries but fails to suffocate. That’s what we wanted to talk about, we think it is important to support and spread the revolts in progress in solidarity; and at the same time unleash others rhizomatically. That is why we joined the BLACK INTERNATIONAL.


It is not superfluous to say goodbye – for now – to the allies all over the planet: we have abandoned all hope, waiting for a reaction from the abhorred submissive masses. We shit on the vanguard and on the rear. We act on impulse without any desire for egocentricity. The tired and intolerable speeches of the assembly platform have expired: they are dead letters! The adventure or…more of the same, compañerxs. And an adventure, means just that: to put your chest to the wind and, if necessary, to the bullets. So that, if we do not doubt it: OTHERS WILL CONTINUE TO ADVANCE…

Diversity is life and uniformity is death; repeat the ominous M. Bakunin as if it were a “psalm”. Winking sympathetically this time, we could well accompany his preaching. But when we are flooded with infinite definitions from academia that are intended to pierce, confuse and compartmentalize (instead of fuse) we tell them that anarcho-feminism/trade unionism/veganism/primitivism/etc does not convince us or recruit us…And neither does the philo-democrat hook “anti-capitalist/anti-fascist”. We are anarchists. Let’s go back to biting like wolves…

Well friends, let’s finish -and start- with this anti-lethargyian catharsis that, to tell the truth, was catapulted after a recent episode in which one of our people was about to be shot in his own house, which was raided without a warrant by some cocaine-snorting cops. We know that these things happen if we rebel and raise our voices when all seems lost. But don’t fuck with us too much since we’re loving and arming ourselves. Because individually, our lives are nothing. Because we are determined to follow the fight to the end: GO!




(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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