Paris, France: Preview of New Release from Anarchist Music Collective Non Serviam

Received on 13.03.2020:

As we are still working on the finishing of our next album, we’re happy to
share online an extract of one of our recording sessions. It is the first
five minutes of an instrumental improvisation between two members of our
collective, one, a trained baroque harpsichordist, on keyboards, and the
other on electric guitar and armed with a looper (Boss RC-30) and a drum
machine. Recorded live in one take in Non Serviam’s secret den, on
10/22/2019. The full version of « Improvisation 1. Take 1. » (18m) will be
available as a bonus inside the next album that will be out this year. We
don’t have any kind of label or management or money and are 100% DIY. We
hope you like it, and will share it, because it is the only way for us to
spread our music, thank you.

You can listen to the track on soundcloud :

and on Bandcamp :

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