Brazil: Doxxing Action Against Oliver Fontana by ‘Cells of Opposition to the System’

Translated into English by 325, link also contains the original Portuguese-language text & a Spanish-language translation

To all

We take responsibility for a doxxing action against OLIVER FONTANA, a lawyer in São Paulo, Brazil. Data in the links below:

The reason why this individual was our target is because he practiced physical and psychological torture on his ex-wife and 4 minor children. The case was reported in 2014 on the ‘Fantastico’ program of the reactionary channel ‘Red Globo de Televisión de Brasil’. Link to the news:

OLIVER FONTANA is a member of the multi-million-dollar Fontana family, owner of BRF Brasil Foods, one of the world’s largest companies in the mass murder of animals (it produces meat and meat products under the Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy brands). He hides behind the image of the “Buddhist pacifist” and has no punishment for buying the Brazilian judiciary with the fortune of his family. But our collective is not for sale, so we present this male asshole in tribute to the International Day of Struggle for Women on March 8.

And here, a warning to all machos, misogynists, LGBTQphobes, racists, xenophobes and fascists: From now on, any one of you will be the target of retaliation from our collectives if you do not stop your attacks against socially vulnerable groups.

These scum are encouraged to attack and kill by their “messiah”, the psychopath Jair Bolsonaro. The time has come to stop them. This time we did a doxxing attack. The next time could be otherwise. Especially since we have access to their residences. A visit from us would be tragic for them.

We are not peaceful, we are not tolerant, we do not dialogue with the reactionaries and we interact with them with the only language they understand: Force, violence and intimidation. Even more so now when the fascist Bolsonaro tries to impose himself as dictator of Brazil.

We take the opportunity to warn the fascists who intend to take to the streets of Brazil on March 15, 2020, in defense of the Bolsonaro faction, that they should not do so and they should cancel their march. If they march there will be retaliation. Fascists, understand: the streets do not belong to you and it is our duty to expel you from there.

Before they accuse us of “Leftism”: We are anarchists and we want the end of the Brazilian congress and the STF – Supreme Federal Court as much as we want the end of the bourgeois state, capitalism and fascism.

We call on honest social activists, persecuted by the Brazilian system and all people to break with the policy of capitulation and class reconciliation by the left reformist bureaucracies that defend pacifism. Unconditionally, to impose a confrontational stance and go on the offensive with mass struggle and direct action against the system. Contrary to what the reformist left says, the peaceful struggle is useless against the capitalists, fascists, imperialists, the bourgeois state and its murderous police. Only confrontation will make them withdraw in their attacks against the people. It is possible and necessary to face the system and the sooner the better. THE TIME IS NOW!

Greetings and solidarity to all anarchist comrades in the fight against the state and capital worldwide! Strength to the people of Chile against the fascist Piñera and strength to the Rojava Revolution against the Turkish fascist regime! Cheers and insurrection!





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