Melbourne, Australia: Action for the Week of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist & Antifascist Prisoners

Received on 03.02.2020:

Twice this week those living and working at the Russian ethnic representative council of Victoria awoke to find their building covered in posters and paint. Nothing particularly unusual for inner city walls in Melbourne, but these were not the usual tags or gig advertisements they are usually faced with and which are often not removed for months at a time.  Instead they were in support of those imprisoned and newly sentenced in the so called Network Conspiracy Case in Russia. These actions were our contribution to the international week of solidarity with our antifa brothers who have been sentenced to up to 18 years in prison for not much more than playing paintball, and this after they were all full on tortured!

Over two nights we firstly graffitied the walls with slogans “xVeganx”, “Fuck the FSB culture of torture” and “Death To Putin”, then the second night we pasted up two dozen different posters, including one each of the 10 brothers with their name, photo, details of their torture, info about their jail sentence (or if still on trial), and the slogan “Torture Putin’s state apparatuses not antifascists/ anarchists”, plus a couple others in Russian against the FSB and Putin. On both occasions our efforts were removed early the next day, which as we already said is pretty bloody unusual! Got something to hide?, it certainly seems that way.

Vegan antifa solidarity forever!

SxE hXc xVx sk8 crew Melbourne
(straight edge hardcore vegan skate crew Melbourne)


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