Western Australia: Three Police Vehicles Destroyed in Arson Attack Outside Fremantle Police Station

03.02.2020: From various corporate media sources we have learned that 3 police vehicles were completely destroyed by fire outside Fremantle Police Station on Sunday evening in so-called Western Australia. Police are saying that an accelerant was used to ignite the vehicles and that an estimated AU$160000 worth of damage was caused.

Unfortunately a 27 year old man from the Perth suburb of Gosnells was arrested for the attack and appeared at Fremantle Magistrates Court today on charges of ‘criminal damage by fire’. At this stage it is unknown what the motivation for the attack was (not that there needs to be one!) or whether the arrested man was granted bail or not. It seems that the attacker took no precautions to avoid being arrested and was captured on several nearby CCTV cameras casually carrying out the action unmasked, not wearing gloves, etc.

Attacks of this kind are extremely rare in so-called Australia, we can only hope that this recent incident inspires more attacks and that if so, comrades take serious precautions to avoid the possibility of being arrested.

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