West Papua: 2 Indonesian Colonial Police Officers Killed in Armed Attacks by TPNPB Guerrillas

02.03.2020: Two Indonesian colonial police officers were killed in two separate armed guerrilla attacks by the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) in Tembagapura on February 29th and March 1st.

A member of Brimob (special operations, paramilitary, and tactical unit of the Indonesian National Police) was killed in an armed attack by the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) on Saturday February 29th in Tembagapura.

TPNPB is the military wing of the Free Papua Organization or OPM. OPM is the oldest and main organization of all resistance movements in Papua.

But many groups have slandered the OPM, following the propaganda and conspiracy of foreign capital, accusing the Free Papua armed movement, led by OPM, of being a terrorist movement that would become an enemy of the Western world.

To dismiss all the misleading accusations against OPM and its military wing, OPM has succeeded in fixing its civil and military structure and has begun to effectively wage a war of liberation and political diplomacy in the past 6 years.

In a separate armed attack on Indonesian police by a TPNPB unit at approx 1300 local time, on March 1st, at Grasberg mine* transport depot, Jipabera in Tembagapura, one police officer was wounded and later died from his injuries.

(via Abolition Media Worldwide)

Note from Anarchists Worldwide: The Grasberg mine, located near Puncak Jaya in West Papua, is the largest gold mine in the world, and the world’s second largest copper mine. It is mostly owned by Freeport-McMoran (FCX), a multinational mining company based in Phoenix, Arizona in the US. The Grasberg mine strips West Papua of it’s natural wealth with the assistance of the Indonesian State’s brutal military occupation and causes utter devastation to the environment, contaminating the surrounding river systems, land surfaces and groundwater. 

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