France: Tearing Down Power is our Lifelong Conspiracy

Poster in solidarity with the anarchists currently on trial in Hamburg.


Day after day, the silent pact with the state is renewed. Work, consumption, obedience delimit the horizon of the landscape. A slave’s life, a thousand miles away from any possibility of autonomy.
Dependence on one’s master and the inability to think outside the frameworks established by institutions: insurmountable borders. A thousand and one excuses to avoid confrontation block the journey.
Like the defeatism and fear that kill the rebellious spirit and give substance to resignation. But really, it’s useless?

We are enraged! Because the state is built and maintained upon the blood and mutilation of war, on the massacre of the insurgents, the crushing of our interior, the devastation of the planet.

Enraged! Because power is built on passivity, numbness and acceptance. On the reproduction of relations of domination: cannibalism and hypocrisy reign when relations are based on coercion.

And desirous… For in our eyes burns the image of a free life for all. And then follow the conspiracy against the state, the action against authority, the oath of sedition. Swear freedom, seal the pact of complicity. And in the attack against the structures of power, the promise is kept: a breath of air, a moment of freedom, solidarity with those who love the temptation to unleash, in Iran, in Iraq, in Chile, Hong Kong and everywhere else.

A very strong hug for the anarchists in Hamburg who are currently incarcerated and/or on trial on charges of carrying out incendiary attacks one night in July 2019, two years after the destructive revolt against the G20 summit of the powerful.

You accompany us on the paths of our insubordination.

(via Attaque, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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