West Papua: 5 Civilians Shot by Indonesian Military in Nduga Regency, TPNPB Vows to Retaliate

28.02.2020: TPNPB (West Papua National Liberation Army) have issued a report stating that the Indonesian Military have been carrying out brutal atrocities against Papuan civilians during sweeps of Keneyam, the main town of Nduga Regency.

The sweeps took place following a clash between the Nduga TPNPB and Indonesian Security Forces on February 26th. During the sweeps, 5 Papuan civilians were shot, and one of them, Mrs. Wislina Tabuni was shot dead. The 4 other civilians are all in critical condition. TPNPB also report that Indonesian Security Forces tortured dozens of Papuan civilians.

The names of the 5 shooting victims are as follows:

Wislina Tabuni, female, 25 years old – shot dead
Kriantus Ubruangee, male, 20 years old – tortured & shot, in critical condition
Yosman Wasiangge, male, 20 years old – shot & in critical condition
Inkianus Wumangee, male, 26 years old – tortured & shot, in critical condition
Orumus Ubruangee, male, 32 years old – tortured & shot, in critical condition

The Nduga Defense Regional Command of TPNPB stated that they are in mourning for the young mother who was shot dead by the Indonesian Security Forces and that they will take revenge for this latest round of unprovoked attacks against Papuan civilians.

(via West Papua Human Rights Defenders News – full statements from TPNPB available at this link as well as a graphic photo of the body of Mrs. Wislina Tabuni, which we chose not to republish)

Photo 1: Papuan civilian Yosman Wasiangge, shot by Indonesian Security Forces on February 26th in Keneyam, still hospitalized in critical condition.

Photo 2: Nduga Regional Commander of the TPNPB, Bridgen Egianus Kogeya, with some of his troops.

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