Istanbul, Turkey: Vengeance Units Attack Home of AKP-Affiliated ISIS Mercenaries

28.02.2020: The Martyr Çiyager-Martyr Zeryan Vengeance Unit released a statement and vowed to continue with their actions and not remain silent on the ‘Imralı fire’ after media reports that a fire erupted on the Imralı Island where Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan and three other prisoners are held.

“We are the soldiers of vengeance of the Kurdish people who are giving a struggle for freedom with the ideology of Leader Apo (Öcalan). We are everywhere and we are resisting. We will carry out actions unabated against the Turkish state and their collaborators until we hear from our Leader and meetings with him take place,” said the group.

The statement of the Vengeance Unit said that their members carried out a sabotage operation against a house where AKP-affiliated ISIS mercenaries were staying in the Hacıkadın neighborhood in Fatih district of Istanbul at around 23:00 on February 26. The group said that their action left the first floor of the two-storey building completely destroyed, while the number of those killed or wounded couldn’t be clarified.

(via ANF English)

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