Basel, Switzerland: Italian Consulate Attacked in Solidarity with the Genoa Dockers Strike [Video]

During the night of Tuesday, 18.02.2020, the Italian consulate in Basel was attacked with paint. “War on War” was sprayed on the front gate of the consulate. This action was in solidarity with the strike action of the dock workers in Genoa. They went on strike against a cargo ship that was delivering weapons to the Middle East.

While Europe hypocritically preaches peace and human rights, it supplies the weapons for the wars in Yemen and Rojava and for the oppression of the populations of the countries in the Middle East and elsewhere. The ports are open for these transports, while they are closed for migrants. We welcome the resistance against the arms transports and fight for open ports for refugees and rescue ships.

Fight the arms trade and the European migration regime!
Long live international solidarity!

(via Barrikade, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)




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