Santiago, Chile: Double Explosive Attack Against Transoceanic Real Estate in Vitacura

Double explosive attack against a neighborhood of the rich for the expansion of the revolt

We claim responsibility for the placement of two explosive devices at the premises of the Transoceanic Real Estate Agency in the commune of Vitacura. One and a half hour’s notice was given via telephone to the Kant cafe located inside the real estate agency, to the carabineros and to Radio Cooperativa. This was in order for the space to be cleared so as not to harm people who transit and/or work in the sector because they were not the target of our action. Both devices were timed half an hour apart so that the first one would shake the normality of the bourgeoisie’s neighborhood, and the second one, more powerful, would explode at the moments when the cowardly violators from GOPE (Special Operations Police) would be present at the site, hoping that at least one of them would have been close enough to have been blown up.

The revolt that began on October 18th, 2019 has taken over all spaces and stages. No one has been able to stay away from it because it is everywhere; on every corner of the cities and in ever area of our relations. Nothing is like before, nothing will ever be the same again. The desire to destroy this world as we know it is here to stay. The neighborhoods of the rich and powerful, of the supporters and privileged of this order, have also been the target of the strength of this revolt that with its multiple incendiary practices has known how to recognize its enemies. Takeovers of wealthy bourgeoisie shopping malls, barricades in the affluent neighborhoods of the big cities, arsons of stores and luxury cars are just some examples of how the violent eruption, rather than coming and knocking on the doors of the powerful, has destroyed them.

This action is intended to intensify that eruption. It is the continuation of the avalanche of hatred and revenge that scourged the powerful in the first weeks of the revolt and that unhesitatingly seeks to instill fear among those who live at the expense of the misery of others. The direct complicity between big business and the repressive organizations is another aspect of power that has been evident during these months of revolt, where the former have financed and supported the infrastructure that has not been able to stop the rebels, such as the concrete walls installed in the Alameda to protect the monument and the church of the troops of uniformed rapists. For our part, we don’t need a detailed analysis to verify the protection that the military and the carabineros have given to the bourgeois neighborhoods. Protection that has been violated again today. You, businessmen and oppressors, know perfectly well what we are saying. In each embrace you give each other in your ridiculous marches and processions, in the offices and barracks where the mutilations, murders and rapes are planned, that nefarious alliance is forged that today desperately seeks to put out the uncontrolled fire of the revolt. This double explosive attack aims at both sides of that rotten complicity; breaking, even for an instant, with the comfortable peaceful life of the wealthy and harming agents of repression with annihilating surprise.

We believe that it is unnecessary to go into detail about the specific location where the devices were planted because it is the everyday life of the neighborhood as a whole that needs to be altered. Even so, it is not superfluous to state that the chosen location is just a few meters away from the bourgeois “El Mercurio”, or that the Shiess Schmitz family, owners of Transoceanic Real Estate, are one of the most important and influential economic groups in this country. They have built luxury homes and projects in the wealthy districts of Santiago, along with other recreational centers for the enjoyment of the elite.

The revolt permanently sabotages normality, shatters it, breaking chains that seemed eternal, demonstrating the vulnerability of the State and the capitalist business community. But we think that we can go even further by multiplying armed and targeted attacks against our enemies, being part of this massive and widespread gale through urban guerrilla actions, preparing ourselves in practice to face the intensification of repression. And it is through anarchic combat that we contribute to the propagation of the revolt, betting on taking the conflict to unsuspected limits, denying in fact any peace or constitutional agreement that pretends to direct our lives. And for the stupid opinion leaders of the social war who will call this action a set-up, know that their opinions only strengthen the State by invalidating and ignoring the potential and scope of the offensive of the new urban guerrilla.

Let’s not let go of the street, let’s destroy what oppresses us, let’s blow up the neighborhoods of the bourgeoisie

Armed Affinities in Revolt

(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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