Germany: Attack Against Tesla Hamburg – Against the Enemies of Nature and Freedom!

During the night of February 26th we attacked at least 12 luxury cars and one company car of Tesla with bitumen at their premises on the Essener Straße in the north of Hamburg. Solidarity to the squatters of the forest in Grünheide.

Tesla is a company that profits from the ideology that all problems of this world can be solved via the further development of technologies. An important part of their image is that the technologies that they are working on (e.g. they are pioneers in the fields of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving) are of value to the general public in the areas of social and environmental safety. We reject the constant perfection of human beings through technology, as it is associated with the extension of control and the further restriction of freedom. We also oppose the destruction of nature, which, contrary to popular claims, is inevitably accompanied by the expansion of technology.

Just how hypocritical the Tesla Group is can be seen in Brandenburg. Within a few days Tesla has cleared 90 hectares of forest in Grünheide (Brandenburg) to build a factory in the name of progress and profit. 65 hectares are still to follow. Symbolically, a few animals were “saved” for the media, to be resettled, while 30 “harvester” machines slaughter countless other animals and their habitat in record speed.

We think it’s great that a few tree pirates have occupied the forest twice within a short period of time to defend it against the clearing.
In a place like this there aren’t always many people who fight against such a project. But we can do something against Tesla everywhere, because in almost every town and also in some villages they have locations. []

We propose a decentralized fight against the Tesla factory and all other technology sites.

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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