International Call for a Subversive, Dissident and Anarcho-Feminist March

From Somewhere: Call for a Subversive, Anarcho-Feminist and Dissident March

This society is structured from diverse chains of oppression that intersect, we understand that only radical confrontation is capable of ending each one of them. These heavy chains have the patriarchy as one of their main bases. That’s why we are calling for a subversive, anarcho-feminist and dissident March.

We see the confrontation against patriarchy not as a partial struggle, the destruction of authority in its multiple dimensions cannot be separated from the constant questioning of and confrontation with macho forms and behaviors. March has historically been a combative month and we intend to keep it that way.

We are critical of the hegemonic positions of social democratic feminism, which marginalizes and excludes non-regulated sexualities and bodies. Genders are imposed social constructions of which we are not interested in being a part of, we appeal to a complete deconstruction of our ways of seeing ourselves and relating to each other…without rules of what we want to be.

At the same time we do not see the anti-patriarchal struggle as being distant from an anti-speciesist practice. The exercise of dominion is transversal to all species, so the liberation has to be total. In the same way we face the oppressions that rationalized bodies experience.

We summon to this month all the individualities and/or collectives to join the confrontation against any institution, symbolic or material representation that raises and/or represents and/or propagates male domination. We begin this month of anti-patriarchcal and anarchist struggle, which like so many others will take to the streets, not to celebrate, nor to ask for rights or equality.

We are freely associated anti-authoritarians, we distance ourselves from any group, collective or coordinating petitioner that advocates reforming the current system of domination, we don’t demand anything from any type of institution, we are not interested in the humanization of capitalism. From those who have the monopoly on power and violence we only want their destruction. Changes in our lives will come from us mutually supporting each other among equal partners. Sisterhood seen from a perspective that emphasizes with anyone who identifies as a woman does not interest us, our solidarity is with our comrades who walk on the same side of the barricades, social or psychological determinisms in terms of gender are not a reason to form any kind of comradeship. Those who choose to exercise authority as police and/or judges in whatever form, immediately become our enemy and we do not care about the social, biological or psychological conditions of these women.

This day, March 8, we call on all marginalized people, those of us who have moved away from reformist, citizen and pacifist positions, to form a dissident anarcho-feminist black bloc. Comrades, let’s take the streets, let’s fill them propaganda and anti-authoritarian actions, validating the beautiful practice of political violence.



(via Contra Info, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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