USA Prisons: “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide” – Technological Captivity by Noah Coffin feat. Patrick Rater

Received on 16.02.2020:

In a scenario not unlike the disturbing work of fiction “1984” by George Orwell, the world around us has become nothing more than a massive surveillance system. As if Orwell had some glimpse into the future, we are witnessing his work come to shocking reality.

Facial recognition has been used by even places like Wal-Mart shopping centers for many years now. Should one decide to attempt anonymity, there’s software in circulation around the world which recognizes gait. Never mind that concealing or disguising your identity will get you arrested on “suspicion”, in what’s all too like those “thought police” in Orwell’s novel. Detained for being perceived as if you’re considering a crime… doesn’t this alarm you?

The rise in “smart” meters or appliances in the modern home make even your autonomous haven of privacy an altogether exposed location. Phones are GPS-monitored as well as “screened” during calls. Conversations are monitored for key words by a software system which was programmed for this purpose. What have you told your loved ones or confidants in private phone calls, or even in your home, that you wouldn’t want others to hear? Are you confident that the people who control this software are keeping with the “rules of conduct” told to those who have inquired about this?

Every aspect of your life is today controlled by a system. These are centered around one of the very oldest – currency. The exchange of such has evolved from that barter system, which, when taking close scrutiny of it, appears to be more reliable for the individual. In today’s society, the electronic transaction is rapidly replacing the promissary notes called “money”, which in itself is a subject I could write an article on, but that’s for another time.

These data-based accounts and electronic transactions are seriously vulnerable. Any number of alphabet agencies could at any time freeze, seize, or empty your account. Should the purchases, transactions, or even your social networking bring the “thought police” to the conclusion that you’re thinking of committing a crime, then however many years of work you put into adding to the account would be “seized” at the stroke of a keypad. That’s nothing to be passed off, folks. Who’s to say these people play by the rules?

Many people know little or nothing of computers. Oh, you’ve got the Facebook and SnapChat people sure, but I mean really know their stuff. There are some who do. If they happen to be so inclined, those people could use a flawed or vulnerable system, like the one we have, to exort, harrass, or steal from any number of people. A very good friend and supporter of mine just recently had his pension and account robbed blind. Do you feel comfortable knowing it’s that easy to be taken? With the global network of currency now vastly migrating toward digital or electronics, the “hard currency” will soon be obsolete. Where does that lead to?

Introducing a fellow comrade on this topic (verbatim), you will learn of his own experiences, as well as his thoughts on the plunge toward technological enslavement…

“Everything has gone to electronics today. It doesn’t seem strange at all to submit your account info to a site for a websale or what appears to be a simple and convenient transaction… until it’s too late.

Not knowing that without certain insurance policies that alert you for identity theft, debit or credit fraud such as “Lifelock”, your account, savings and sensitive information are all at stake. Though this system of “convenience” has largely taken over the world, is it for the better?

I thought no harm could come from my simple online transaction. A few clicks, enter my card number, and all done. Only to discover shortly after that someone, somehow, had gotten my information off the site’s database. A site that, under the “terms and conditions” stated my account info was safe. My funds were drained. Waiting for change at the counter never sounded so appealing. It makes one wonder how many fall victim. Who’s behind all the schemes?

To ensure the safety of a so-called “secure account”, we are obligated to purchase further security via insurance policies. Convenient, but for whom?

Looking at it, it does seem as though the system is pretty convenient. Set you up on a “secure account”, then sell you security. Oh, you don’t have to buy the added security, however if you don’t, you could wish you had.

Which direction is technology taking us, in the hands of corporate entities or governments? Parks and Wildlife agencies have new gadgets on their fully-computerized vehicles that have settings for infrared as well as thermal vision through their windshield. Yes, their “windshield”. Settings that give them the power to peer from their driver seat and see their surroundings in infrared or thermal vision. All that for animal protection? Not to mention that they are the only agency that can come onto your private, personal property without a court-ordered warrant to exercise a fully-legal search and seizure. If we can’t be on our own land with autonomy or privacy, then where can we go? What kind of technology will we be monitored by when we’re “alone”?

That brings to mind the oh-so-helpful “panic camera”. It’s supposedly “theft-activated” and is found on many “smart” devices. The camera is activated once your device is reported through your Google account, which automatically turns on your camera eye without giving any warning or alert, so as not to tip off the “theives” that they’re now being watched, their location being pinpointed. Who’s to say that you’re not being monitored this very moment on your convenient piece of technology?

Well, comrades, gonna sign off with that. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I bring these questions to your attention so that you’re aware.
Solidarity, Patrick”

Comrades, I’ve never much utilized electronic accounts or needed to. I’m not trusting enough to put money into a bank, but how long until I have no other choice? Going “off-grid” is virtually impossible today, and for those following the “boondocking” trend, it’s a crime to be a vagrant in many cities. The more I see technology take over society, it reveals how much freedom is lost or at risk of being lost. Cameras on stop lights, on our phones, at every place of business, now even featured on televisions in our home. I once read an interesting article explaining how every person, at any time, is in violation of close to fifty laws written in American legislature. That seems pretty convenient to a ruling government if you ask me.

In my final thought, I would like to ask you if you’ve got internet on your phone? Everyone does, right? Well, if you’re not concerned, you should be. If not for identity theft or financial risk, then maybe your purchase or social network could alert the kind of folk you don’t want breathing down your neck. Should your views or expressions be contrary to the way these types want things to go, then perhaps something of interest could be “found” on your browser. Some of the downloads on your internal storage could be said to be illegal. And who’s to speak on whether you did or did not download or browse such content? Of course, we all know that government is utterly honest, right? The fact that you’d have no witnesses to your alleged criminal actions, or any way to argue against it, as it’s on your device, makes that pretty convenient…

Solidarity forever, Noah.

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