Pisa, Italy: We Bring Conflict to Where the War Begins

Text distributed in Pisa and Livorno on the occasion of the day of anti-war mobilization launched by the Genoese dock workers…


On February 17th, the Genoese dock workers launched a day of anti-war mobilization in every city. Since the end of May, the port workers and their supporters have been fighting against the loading-unloading of military material by the Bahri company. This company, flying the Saudi flag, transports military equipment to every corner of the planet. Vehicles and weapons that produce devastating effects in the war scenarios where they are used. As in Yemen, where for years the indigenous population have been dying under bombs also produced by Made in Italy excellence, such as RWM. Like in the Kashmir region, where the Indian government oppresses the local population of this area. As in Syria and Libya, where the regime of Sultan Erdogan shows the world its military power.
The dockers are mobilizing against the business of war inside their port because they do not want to be involved in a bloody mechanism that produces death and destruction. By preventing the loading and unloading of the Bahri company ships they have shown that the best way to act in solidarity with the people who are dying under the bombs is to fight the war starting from home, blocking the arms trade. These combative practices provoke annoyance and fear in the bosses who respond with ever more ruthless repression. As in Prato or in the southern countryside, where the Salvini Decree is applied against workers in struggle.

The mobilization of Genoese dockers and workers in solidarity reminds everyone that fighting war is possible. For real. Because the war machine has uncovered nerves everywhere, you just need to find them. Whoever trades in instruments of death transports their cargo not only through ports, but also via railways and roads. Those who prey on the territories leaving death and destruction have names and surnames, they are also the masters of our home, excellencies such as the Italian Eni and Enel. Those who plan and program the war have their headquarters and offices here, in universities, research centres or military bases.
Even in Pisa we are in the square not only to give solidarity to a just, dutiful struggle that we feel an affinity with, but to denounce that even in the territory of Pisa there are realities that contribute to the wars carried out all over the planet. One of these is the American base Camp Darby, a strategic node for military logistics, located a few kilometers from Pisa airport, which with its military hub can move weapons, vehicles and 30,000 soldiers a month around the world. This base has recently been expanded to facilitate direct connection with the railway network and the port of Livorno. Another reality that makes the war business possible is the research, carried out in the city by Sant’Anna or by the Engineering Department of UNIPI. Within the latter we find the Lab RaSS research centre, which boasts projects in the field of radar and telecommunications systems together with the Ministry of Defence and NATO. These technologies, designed in universities, will see their realization and their trade by multinationals such as Leonardo (based in the Opedaletto area) or by companies such as Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.a. (also based in Pisa) and used by armies to kill, oppress and devastate.

States and masters, through war, go in search of profits. In times of crisis, in our times, this trend can only become total. War is everywhere. If all this disgusts us, it is important not to remain indifferent, not to fall into surrender. Stopping the war is possible, we repeat. Not with petitions, not with alms to those who govern us, not with requests to those who claim to represent us, not with delegations. Stopping the war is possible, here and now, only by fighting. It’s about rolling up our sleeves. Now!

Solidarity with the struggling Genoese dockworkers…
Let’s not give peace to those who live by war!

Garage Anarchico
Aula R

(via Round Robin, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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