Makassar, Indonesia: 6 Anarchist Comrades Receive Prison Sentences of 1 Year & 6 Months

Received with photo on 20.02.2020: 

Trial Update on the 6 Indonesian Anarchists.

February 19th, 2020. Makassar, Indonesia.

According to the court’s decision, our comrades (Supriadi, Anto, Haerul, Alif, Agus, and Faruddin) were sentenced to prison for 1 year and 6 months, they were charged under article 506 regarding actions against the law and article 170 regarding acts of violence/destruction carried out jointly.

Note: On September 26, They were arrested during the nationwide protests in Indonesia in September 2019. Insurrectionary anarchists in Makassar claimed responsibility for blocking a highway and attacking state vehicles.

Don’t let them feel alone, solidarity never stops, anywhere!

Smash the state!



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