Thessaloniki, Greece: Double Incendiary Attack by Screams Before the Dawn

Whatever authority’s actions, we will always have our reasons to attack. In what we recognize as authority, whether it is governments trying to silence all those who resist by exercising police violence on our bodies, or local bosses that thirst for surveillance and control inside cities or every aspect of ourselves within this rotten society, in relationships, in self-discipline, and ultimately in compromise.

Against all attempts to conform and obey normality, despite the dangers of acts of aggression – in the light of the strategy of intensification attempted lately by those in power – we find cracks to spread destruction.

We choose the times, the places and the individuals so that through the multiplication and communication of our thoughts and actions they become ever more effective, more dangerous.

We are not interested in reshaping existing society but in demolishing the foundations of this fractured civilization. What matters is attack, right to the destruction of the existent…

At dawn on Wednesday 8/01, in the area of Eptapyrgio, we placed three incendiary devices in the same number of trucks used by municipal agencies to rebuild the area.

On Thursday evening 9/01, we set fire to a security company vehicle in the Sykes area.

The war continues…

Solidarity to the Chilean rebels

Solidarity to the squats

Solidarity to the comrade Irdi K. and to every rebel that is subject to repression inside and outside prison

Screams before the Dawn

(via Athens Indymedia, translated into English by Act For Freedom Now!)

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