Istanbul, Turkey: Business Owned by AKP Collaborator Destroyed by Vengeance Units

08.02.2020: The ‘Martyr Adıl Gıte Vengeance Unit’ released a statement claiming responsibility for an action in the Küçükçekmece district of Istanbul. According to the statement, members of the Vengeance Unit burned down a business of a ‘collaborator’ in the Atatürk neighborhood in the evening of February the 7th. The penthouse business in a five-story building was completely destroyed as a result:

“As Kurdish youth inheriting resistance from the brave martyrs of Kurdistan, we state that we do not accept a life without Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan). We announce that we will continue with our actions anywhere and anytime in an ever growing spirit of vengeance until victory is achieved in our resistance on the path shown to us by our martyrs like Viyan under the motto ‘You cannot darken our Sun’, and until the international conspiracy is torn down.”

(via ANF English)

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