PDF Zine: A Sea of Possibilities in the Concrete Desert

A Sea of Possibilities in the Concrete Desert – A Compilation of Reflections on Territory, City and Insurrection

Download PDF Zine: Concrete-desert.cleaned

This publication is a compilation of texts that arose from the debates and work that we began as a result of the conference “A Sea of Possibilities in the Concrete Desert – Territory, City and Insurrection” that took place in Madrid during June 2019 at La Emboscada and at Local Anarquista Motín. It is the result of a joint project by some comrades from Berlin and Madrid, which does not end with the publication of these pages and which aims to extend the debate we have shared. What does it mean to take territory in the face of the State and Capitalism? How can we take it through our struggles? How does domination work in the territories we inhabit? Does our way of inhabiting territory imply a conflict with the system?

December 2019,

Madrid and Berlin

(via Contra Madriz and La Emboscada )

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