Ukraine: Excavator of Forest Destroying Company Torched in Kyiv by ‘New Youth’

On the night of January 26th, 2020, in the village of Novosyolki, Kyiv region, an excavtor was torched at the Atlant construction site. The developer of the site cut down trees in the adjacent tract of Teremki, as reported in December by civil activists and the media.

A group of environmentalists sent a statement to Anarchist Fighter in Russian and Ukrainian:

You cut down trees for your building, ruining part of the Holosiivskyi National Nature Park. We will destroy your property and the property of other people like you. After all, you only understand the language of violence and fire. And you, and other scum like you, will hear this language.

People, destroy threats to the environment together.
Burn, beat, break!
Fight and win!

New Youth

(via Anarchist Fighter, translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide)

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