Berlin, Germany: 250 Years of Resistance to Colonial ‘Australia’!

Received on 25.01.2020:

Sovereignty was NEVER ceded! Genocide = Ecocide!

January 26th is known by the illegal government that holds their power in place as ‘Australia Day’ – the national celebration day.

The part of the continent that does not know it’s own history celebrates the arrival of the British and the First Fleet (big ships full of Irish that had been pulled out of jail and stuck on the boats) lead by Arthur Phillip, and sent to the other side of the globe to build a penal colony in 1788.

Otherwise known as ‘Invasion Day’,

“…it is an event where First Nations people mourn, survive and continue to resist against the colonial terrorism organisation that is Australia and defend sovereignty. [The year 2020 will] mark[s] 250 years of colonial destruction of First Nations people and our lands and waters [on April 29th]. The past 250 years of colonial destruction has created the many issues that we are currently facing.” – Bogaine Spearim (Gomeroi, Kumar, Murrawarri).

Solidarity with the First Nations people of so-called-Australia, and all peoples, animals, lands and waters that are suffering under the hand of colonisation and capitalism!! 

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