Milan, Italy: Updates from the Resistance Against the Attempt to Evict the Brancaleone Squat

Milan: Branca Still Holds Out. Two Comrades on the Roof

21.01.2020: The operation to clear the Brancaleone squat at 1 Piazza Alfieri began this morning.

Despite the cold and the now 12 hours on the roof thanks to being pissed off and the determination to resist, 2 comrades are still on the roof and intend to stay there as long as possible.

There are solidaritarians in the square at the front of the building who are stubbornly refusing to leave the comrades on the roof alone.

The night will be long and cold, but together we will warm it with the flame of our anger that burns to the sound of good music.

Herbal teas and good food await us here and all are welcome.

Some angry and cold comrades.


Milan – A Reflection from Solidarity (Resistance to Eviction Continues)

22.01.2020: Despite unsuccessful attempts by the so-called law enforcement agencies to end the resistance on the roof, it has now been 24 hours for the two people that are determined not to give in to yet another eviction, right in this city of luxury apartments and profiteers.

The fake social peace that Beppe Sala [Giuseppe Sala – the Mayor of Milan] would like to establish in his showcase city, a metropolis of fashion design and gentrification (especially in a neighborhood like Bovisa where this same fact is evident) will never be completely possible as long there are people not willing to bend to social compromise.

Yesterday as today, always above the roofs, always against the monopoly of the exercise of state force, against capitalists and exploiters.

Brancaleone resists!

Some people who are below


Milan – And We’re Still Here…Of Course

22.01.2020: For 30 hours they’ve been standing on the roof of the Brankaleone house. The comrades are well fed and are determined to stay where they are, do you want to hear about the beauty of Piazza Emilio Alfieri from above?!

Let’s re-launch for tonite a date at 8:30pm in Piazza Alfieri, under Branka house. Updates on the situation, proposals, music, beer and good food.

In any case, we’ll be here all day, so come by whenever you want.

(all updates via Round Robin, freely translated into English by Anarchists Worldwide. All photos stolen from various Italian corporate media sources)

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