Melbourne, Australia: Attack Against the ‘EK Militaria’ Nazi Shop in Pascoe Vale

Received on 20.01.2020:

On the night of January 19th-20th, 2020, we paid a visit to the premises of the ‘EK Militaria’ store at 439 Gaffney Street in Pascoe Vale. After disabling a nearby surveillance camera, we sabotaged the entrance locks to the store, spray painted antifascist slogans on the store facade and smashed one of the storefront windows that was displaying a US Confederate flag.

‘EK Militaria’ uses the cover of ‘military memorabilia’ to sell disgusting Nazi relics from the second World War including swatstika banners, original Nazi uniforms, SS daggers, Hitler Youth badges and other perverse ‘collectibles’.

Store owner, Garry McDonald, who wears an SS ring, has proudly stated to local media that the most popular selling items in his store are Third Reich ‘memorabilia’ and that he “could not care less” what people think about him or his store.

Jewish community groups and local residents have lodged official complaints about the store to no avail so ‘EK Militaria’ has continued to operate freely, trading in grisly artifacts that glorify Nazism and operating as a hub for Melbourne’s network of Hitler-loving far-right scum.

With this action we are sending a clear message to Garry McDonald – if the authorities are not prepared to do something about your fascist business, we are.

We also hope that this action inspires other antifascists in Melbourne to be more proactive in 2020, to stop letting the fascists set the agenda as to when and where we confront them and to let them know that there are real life consequences for their activities.

¡No Pasarán!

Red & Black Action,
January, 2020.


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