Athens, Greece: Rouvikonas Action Outside the Home of Australian Ambassador Arthur Spyrou

14.01.2020: From Athens Indymedia & the Greek International Media we learned that the Anarchist direct action group Rouvikonas (Rubicon) paid a visit to the official home of Arthur Spyrou, Australia’s Ambassador to Greece late last week to express their anger at the Australian government’s reaction to the Bushfire Emergency and their inaction on Climate Change. Rouvikonas members scattered flyers and wrote slogans on the walls outside Ambassador Spyrou’s official residence in Psychiko, one of the wealthiest suburbs of Athens. The group then posted a lengthy statement on their website and on Athens Indymedia claiming responsibility for the action and outlining the reasons behind it. Here are some translated excerpts from the statement:

“At a time when the planet already has a negative sustainability balance, an unprecedented fire destroys everything living over 40 million square metres of land in Australia…Once again the sun has darkened in Oceania. If we do not defend our country, no one will. The more the monster of capitalism develops, the more necessary the struggle for land and freedom will be.”

“…it is no surprise that these events are happening in Australia. It is a developed capitalist and imperialist state that exemplifies the rest of the West in its domestic and foreign policy. On the one hand it refuses to recognize the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, has not imposed any taxes on the environmental burden caused by industries and last year it made cuts of $12.9 million to Fire & Rescue NSW, the voluntary rural firefighting group that plays the lead role in fighting fires. They are one of the biggest global exporters of coal and gas and rank 57th among 57 countries in terms of adopting climate change measures. And, on the other hand, they have an annual budget of $34.3 million for military spending, ranking them 11th worldwide, they have hundreds of troops in Iraq and elsewhere as a US-NATO ally, they support the occupation in West Papua and at the same time they imprison under inhumane conditions the refugees and migrants arriving at their borders in the modern “gulags” they have built in the Pacific islands, leading them to despair, sickness, madness and suicide.”

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