Greece: Call-Out for Support from No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Dear friends and comrades,

Winter is here and while temperatures are dropping the situation is getting worse for people on the move. Police controls increase, prisons are full of people whose only crime is migration, and new anti-migration laws are pushed through at increasing speed and scale. A record amount of 20.000 people are staying in and around Moria camp, mostly – still – in summer tents or self-built wooden shacks.

In the face of these ongoing dehumanizing ‘European’ politics, we continue to resist in solidarity with people on the move, supporting people and autonomous self-organized structures outside the camp with food boxes, food distribution, and other practical assistance. While things are getting worse, we continue to see and believe that only solidarity can smash borders.

Every day, we distribute 100 to 200 warm meals close to Mytilini. And every week, 150 people receive food boxes, enabling them to live and cook autonomously outside the camp structure. We also support other self-organized structures like assemblies, protests and autonomous housing projects.

NBK has been active on Lesvos since the winter 2015/2016. An incredible network beyond borders of comrades, friends, fellow activists, and groups have kept the solidarity on the island going ever since. Soli parties, fundraisers, and donations have been, and still are, absolutely necessary for us to keep going.

We are out of money and we urgently need your support. Our monthly costs are around 5000 euros. We use the money mainly for food, cups and transportation. So dear comrades, support us in any way you can. Every small bit makes a difference!

To donate find our details HERE

Love and rage,
Your NBK crew on Lesvos

Spreading our call-out with friends, family and comrades is welcome.

(via No Border Kitchen Lesvos)

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