So-Called USA: Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement 10 POINTS of ACTION

Received on 03.01.20:

With the New Year and new decade, we launch ten points to clearly communicate what RAM stands for and what we are workings towards. The struggle has been intensifying around the world, with the far right and far left becoming more defined and militant. In the US, simmering tensions are constantly on the verge of erupting, but far left positions have become muddied and unclear, and as a result cannot speak to the seriousness of the situation at hand.

We want to draw the battle lines very clearly, and definitively.
We want to say to all those who are being incarcerated, murdered, and tortured by the state: we see the situation and we will fight to stop it.
To all those who want to work towards a liberated society: join us and let’s work together!

1. Liberation will be won by any means necessary.
2. We will destroy the state, police, military, corporations and all those who run the American plantation.
3. We will live with dignity in a world without prisons.
4. Systems of punishment will be abolished. There will be no law to enforce, no money to protect.
5. Revolutionary justice will be determined by those who are oppressed.
6. There will be no government. No person or group will have power over another.
7. Communities will make decisions about how they live, and will make sure that everyone has what they need to live a dignified life.
8. Land is not property. It is alive, communal and must be protected.
9. Alongside international comrades, we will destroy all borders for the free movement of people everywhere.
10. Militant networks will defend our revolutionary communities. Liberation begins where America dies.

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement 


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