Berlin, Germany: An Ultimatum to the Berlin Senate & the Housing Companies (Video)

An Ultimatum to the Berlin Senate and the Housing Companies

We expect the renunciation of evictions of housing projects, occupations / squats and an end to forced evictions. Furthermore, we expect the announcement of a 50% reduction in rent from the housing companies.

Autonomous Groups

Video description: The video starts with the text of the ultimatum, followed by arson attacks against luxury cars and stores in gentrified suburbs of Berlin in 2016 and 2019. Next up is text saying “Who will protect you?” The video ends with footage of the Berlin riot police fleeing while coming under attack from bottles and stones. The context of the video is the looming eviction threat against the autonomous housing project Liebig34 and other occupied spaces in Berlin which has generated a climate of constant attacks against the property and symbols of power / the authorities and their minions.

(via Mpalothia, slightly edited for clarity)


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