Thessaloniki, Greece: Turkish Diplomatic Vehicle Torched by Revolutionary Solidarity Commando Haukur Hilmarsson

The genocide in Syrian territory since the invasion of the fascist Turkish state, with the agreement and complicity of the international community, continues. Day by day hundreds of civilians find themselves on the agonizing receiving end of the bombings and attacks carried out Erdogan’s fascist army and ISIS’s reemerging Islamist terrorism. For 2.5 months the revolutionary forces of rebel militias intensify defensive confrontation with every means against the imperialist international monopolies, which attempt to occupy the Syrian territories, displacing thousands of civilians with their military operations.

The NATO summit in London at the beginning of December ended with a pervasive sense of unity and an exchange of guarantees between the member states, despite superficial disagreements over the fascist Turkish state’s invasion of Syria. The constant arrests and interrogations of militants in various states on suspicion of supporting the Kurdish rebels are proof of this. The latest anti-terrorist operation in the UK against the family environment of a YPG volunteer has led to his father being arrested on charges of supporting a terrorist organization.

The fascist Turkish state builds rivalry in the areas of security and energy in the eastern Mediterranean as it chooses to seal the alliance with Libya on the same day as the slaughterer of the Palestinians, Netanyahu is in Athens for the trilateral agreement between Greece, Cyprus and Israel for the EastMed pipeline. They also called for NATO’s support, demanding that alliance members officially declare the YPG and the YPJ as terrorist organizations. A prime example is Erdogan’s message to the Greek government amid transnational shocks and destabilization in relations between the two states on the basis of the disputed agreement with Libya: power relations and instability can change for the benefit of the Greek state with the precondition that the YPG/YPJ and DHKP-C Kurdish and Turkish fighters are extradited as terrorists.

In war, we respond with war. We claim responsibility for the arson of a Turkish diplomat’s personal vehicle in Thessaloniki on 3 Ioannis Varvakis street, early Monday, December 23rd. We send out fiery solidarity to the rebels and rebel militias defending the revolutionary project of Democratic Confederalism against fascism and patriarchy. Our attack is yet another response to the provocation of the fascist Turkish state, alongside dozens of actions aimed at its economic, political and military interests: from marches and manifestations of international solidarity, to the speeches of anarchist groups against Turkish investment and those who support the Turkish war machine, to the attacks of the revolutionaries, organized Anarchist Action against domestic and international militarism, to the call for an International Day of Action for Rojava on December 14th, we collectively build bridges of solidarity, complicity and comradeship from Greece to Syria. Our flames are another sign of practical solidarity with the call from the fighters of the Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (RUIS).

The fascist Turkish state is stepping up confrontation with the revolutionary fighting forces of the Kurdish guerrillas as well as the internationalist units supporting the revolutionary project in Syria, enjoying immunity from the Western powers. In the face of fascism and patriarchy, we are building via praxis an international revolutionary front of solidarity and action, transforming the defense of the Syrian revolution into an attack on international political, economic and diplomatic interests and the dominant aspirations of those who stand in our way and support this war. Against the fascist Turkish state and its allies. Against the NATO alliance.

Victory to the struggle of the rebel militias in Syria

Faith, loyalty and revenge for those who gave their lives for the revolution

Revolutionary Solidarity Commando Haukur Hilmarsson

(via Athens Indymedia)

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