Athens, Greece: On the Formation of a New Anarchist Grouping, Obsidian

Those who seek saviors are doomed to servitude and those who seek glory are obsessed with what they cannot control. Anarchy is the negation of authority and obedience. It is often the obedient that carry the sword, whether by master or mob. We understand that society reinforces these constructs wherever it may seep in. Our enemy is overt, the state and its henchman. Our enemy is covert, ideas brought forth wearing a mask of solidarity, carrying the knife of the state.

Every act taken by the state is in service of itself, and all its capital is paid for in blood. We reject law in its entirety, we battle the conservative notions of safety, security and self. We oppose all modern day capitalism’s tentacles and recognise its ever changing nature. We hold onto and strike out with anarchist ideals in order to feel human and free.

Obsidian is an anarchist group that embraces anarchy. Obsidian is an anarchist group that seeks to further anarchy. Anarchy is not a prescription for societies gone mad or states gone rogue. Anarchy is beautiful in its imperfection and rich in its ability to destroy, inspire and create. Anarchy acts alone, apart from the state and authority.

Obsidian is a new international anarchist grouping primarily based in Exarcheia, Athens. As a group of individuals we are part of differing organizations who have built trust based on ideas. We celebrate the anarchist tradition in Greece and its antagonistic, uncompromising nature. As such a primary goal will be furthering those ideals in activity, assembly and events where need exists. To be clear, we are against any kind of watering down, broadening or hiding who we are. There are connections to be built, ideas to negate and voids to be filled through action, organization and propaganda.

We seek to support creative acts that go beyond the typical demo, meeting or gathering. Creativity and fluidity in the way we approach resistance is vital for the survival of Exarcheia and the ideals of anarchy in general; as times change we adapt and fight well chosen battles, ignoring worn out paths. We seek joy as it is vital to the human condition, in such we want to broaden a critique of art that degrades the gentrifying force of dominant culture. Lets create space for anarchists of all types to build relationships, strengthen our ideals and enjoy life.

Obsidian will communicate messages of support and opinion directly while organization and action will mainly happen in preexisting groups. Stay tuned for aligned events, messages of support and public meetings. We welcome all interested to get in contact.

(via Athens Indymedia)

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